rather than ban extreme islamic websites advertise them.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brighton hippy, May 28, 2013.

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  1. unleash the power of the great British troll cheaper than producing a Chinese style hacking force.
    make it public policy not to prosecute for any postings on named websites and watch the Islamic nut-jobs wilt as the likes of peter dow bouncing bannana and half a million assorted inadequate s lunatics and weirdos crayon all over their fine calls for global jihad:)

    oh fuck its the internet
    GCHQ can publish the list and sit back and watch the fun while denying responsability for the resulting chaos.
    plus another by product would be that trolls would have less time for annoying other people.

    I give you the STS the special Troll Service them for the 21st century and being 21 stone is no bar to service:)
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  2. Unless you want to end up in one of GCHQ's black files (and therefore subject to CIA disapproval) I'd stay well aways from them.
  3. A few Mumsnet posts infecting the Islamist websites ought to do the job.
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  4. That's class, that is.

    It would be like locking 500 mongs in a gym and giving them an inexhaustible supply of Sunny Delight, Coca-Cola and laboons.
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  5. exactly the uk has a almost limitless supply of nutters point them in the right direction and watch the havoc start.
  6. Mumsnet does Islam, that would be worth getting the sofa and popcorn out for.
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  7. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Shame the website traffic would we watched closer than a blonde, fit bird in Tahrir square, because this is a great idea.

    The only problem is that our apologist political cretins, er, masters would uphold any offence (of any kind) taken by subscribers to the ROP.

    I can argue semantics with beardy, shouty types until the cows come home.
  8. What if the infection could be shown to be from a server hosted in another country? Say, Denmark?
  9. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I always found proxies slowed everything down, plus, from what I hear they are no drama to trace back fir the Pro's.
  10. Actually a superb idea. A whole new meaning to asymetric warfare.... We could clog up Al-Qs entire comms network with thousands of posts by "outraged of Tunbridge" and her sisters....
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  11. Sorry to be pedantic but it is TOnbridge and Royal Tunbridge Wells, hope this helps. :grin:
  12. Yeah, we don't want the scam to fall foul of them spelling-Nazis.
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  13. Thanks Stilly. You are exactly the sort of person who could be usefully engaged in this vital work. You can make a start on Alahednews . Nothing too outrageous till we see how you get on, its just Hizbollah in English.
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  14. Excellent, do I get my Greggs delivered or do I have to go and get it?
  15. I can think of a few thread starters:

    Do suicide bombers get a posthumous medal?

    The AK47 vs That rifle

    Martyr walt claims to have gone on 7 missions.

    If Friday is a rest day....do we get paid on Thursday?
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