Rates of pay.

I am look into joining either the TA or the RAF reserve,being very luck in having both within my area. Being fully aware that you do not join these units for monetary gains,but for adventure as well as a good social life I would like to know what the average monthly wage could be irrespective of mileage payments.
As after visiting the RAF Reserve I am somewhat dissapointed with the Daily rate of pay being around £36.47 gross,with the requirement of carrying out several drill nights to achieve a days pay.Is the TA the same ?

Is this solidering on the cheap?

Like I have stated I know its not about the money,so dont put up against the wall a shoot me,its nice to have a few extra beer tokens though."Coulds always sell cleaning materials door to door", I know....
That pay is after 6 months you'll be on 30.96 if you havent got any prior military experience, 4 drill nights constitutes a full days pay but you can get travel expenses.

Over a month you could realistically be looking at 2 weekends and 4 drill nights so 7 days pay.

The pay is the same as us regulars just without the X factor which is there to compensate from living away from home etc

If you really are thinking about the money join the acf as an AI they start as Sgts and get paid for it.


Adolf said:
Is this solidering on the cheap?
Compared to the regs? No, it’s the same basic rate of pay with the regs. We get paid for the time we put in and 2hrs every week and some weekends isn’t really much – you’re not going to make much from the TA.

If you think in terms of the minimum wage, £30ish pounds per day (where a day can be anywhere between 8-24hrs) really is army on the cheap :D

Still, we don’t do it for the money.
I am a lowly siggie

My rate of Pay is £36.41 per day. This is perfect. After tax - my pay equates to about £25-£28 per day. So if I am on a weekend away (2.5 days) that gives me £70 which is more than enough to cover the beers before during and ater the exercise etc.

On a Tuesday night I earn roughly £7 quid - which is enough to cover me for about 5/6 beers in the JRC.

I have basically stumbled on a hobby which pays for itself and pays for its own beer as well.

Anything I get to keep after that is a Bonus

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