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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chiefwiggum, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. Yep a minger he is...
  2. def a minger, silly boy cant put cam cream on properly, his pink flesh provides a wonderful target-like contrast to the silly green daubs of paint, and he appears to have fogotten the bullets for that jolly big machine gun someone lent him
  3. Why is he hanging out the side of a BTR80?
  4. ...........dressed as a PARA
  5. Confused walt? Or just lost?......
  6. Becuase he is a big fat walt perhaps?
  7. Think they need to have a number 6 option on the voting list. Could be named the 'sad, lonely, ugly walt' category. Might send a picture of me in picking up litter or sweeping up leaves. Hmm or perhaps stagging on a fcuking brew tent so the officers don't run out of milk & sugar.

    Gotta be the best advertisement for the Royal Signals for years.


    Expert tent erector
  8. Did you hear the walt on the radio??

    Radio One: 'So where have you been?'
    Walt: 'Kaszacstan, Iraq, Afganistan....'
    Radio One: 'Anywere else?'
    Walt: 'A couple other places'
    Radio One: 'Are you going anywere nice soon?'
    Walt: 'Yea, we are off to Afganistan in two weeks'

    Talk about sh*t hot OPSEC!
  9. If hes a Para then hes in 3 Para, though I think hes walt.
  10. He's TA. He came to Kasacstan with us last year.
  11. Still rightfully employed Higround I see. :) :)
  12. Well you know, I kinda get withdrawl symptoms if I don't get fcuked about for a while. On leave at the moment though which is a bit of a problem. Might have to go and ask the council if they need any litter picking done.
  13. Its hardly the worlds biggest secret, and hardly differentiates him from your average soldier does it!!