Rate my Phys routine

Looking for some guidance on whether or not I'm training effectively for AOSB in 6 months time. My phys routine is as follows:

Monday: 40 min steady run
Tuesday: Circuits - press up and core rotation
Wednesday: Upper body weights, interval running - 30 mins, core
Thursday: Circuits - press up and core rotation
Friday: Upper body weights, core
Saturday: rest
Sunday: rest

Anything that should be added?

I have a fairly athletic background in rowing and rugby and am planning to join a mechanised infantry regiment.

Cheers in advance
Is that only one run a week?
Its one steady run and a session on 8 x 400m sprinting to increase the Vo2 Max - the aerobic base is already there due to my background in rowing. My weakest part of the PFT is probably the press ups hence the emphasis on upper body work.


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Run for longer than you think you need to just the pass the PFT as if successful, you'll be doing a lot more at RMAS.
2 rest days?
Are you going RAF Regiment?
No one really cares about press ups on a PFT, as long as you don't fail. I'm sure you will do plenty of press ups in your first term anyway.

I would chin off all the gym type stuff and get some good mileage in and build up the legs for load carrying and all the howling exercises and thrashings.

Similar to the press ups, getting a good 1.5 mile run time is always good and can reflect a good level of fitness. But if you spank in on tabs or struggle with weight on exercise then that will stand out a lot more. Especially if you intend on going on PCBC after RMAS. Brecon can be a harsh place, the weather/ground/stress of training and being constantly assessed etc

When I say chin off gym type stuff, I mean the stuff you are doing sounds a bit aesthetic type gym queen stuff.

Build a solid core and good upper body, but fit in around your running and leg work. Add a good ab workout and press up/pull-up/dips circuit on to the end of any cardio or running sessions you do.

Try joining a decent running club where you can push yourself competitively against better runners. Try and get involved in half marathons, they are a good distance to push yourself towards and build up to.

Or a boxing club once a week, tell them what you are planning on doing. Good places like that will push you hard and help give you a mental edge.

Also swat up on nutrition and find out what works best for you while you have the time to figure it out. Being good at recovering from cheeky phys sessions and being ready for whatever is getting thrown at you next will undoubtedly give you an advantage.

Whatever time you spend in preparation will not be wasted. Although I guarantee after a few hard weeks you will probably feel like you haven't done anywhere near enough.

Good luck buddy

Note: I am no expert, this is just my own personal advice and opinion.
Word on the street is that the Army is moving away from the emphasis on running and tabbing for fitness and looking more towards interval and circuit training. Probably something to do with lowering the burden from injuries but it's all F6 anyway.

Speaking of injuries, be wary of trying to push yourself to the limits before you turn up for any assessments. You could end up injured before you even get there. It sounds like you've got a good level of fitness as it is so just train to pass the tests that you've been given.

As for press ups, there's a couple of decent press up routines on YouTube which you can use as inspiration for improving and increasing the number you're doing. If you're doing circuits and ton-up training, just incorporate more and more varied press up positions into it.
Awesome, thanks for the responses. I'll switch it up to doing 3 x 40 min runs followed by the press up/core circuits then the intervals in addition.
Vary the runs if you fancy.

I tend to try and get in a fast 5k, a medium 8-10k and a longer easier run each week.

Nothing scientific really, just feels for me to give a good overall base. I also do a fair bit if hill work too.

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