rat packs

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MercianSGT07, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. bit of a stupid question but which are youre fav rat pack menus??
  2. why? what have they done too them now?????
  3. menu G

    meatballs and pasta and chicken stew and dumblings.
    happyness wrapped in sliver
  4. mine used to be the Goulash,with mock turtle soup
  5. main meals all good when covered in tabasco!!

    corned beef hash - perverted. why would you....

    what happened to the rolled oats anyways? bang in the choc powder and that was awesome in the morning
  6. After my time but a mate got me the Hamburger & Beans and Chicken n mushroom mmmmmm
    lovely stuff, brought a load off Ebay , the bird thinks I'm mad !!
  7. EBAY??? hahha.... some enterprising lads out there having a bergan clearout!!

    But l agree, V. nice :)
  8. What happened to Dextrose tablets orange n lemon good bit of kit them
  9. We got some dried crap issued to us a few months ago, great until you realised you needed a jerry can of water per serving.

    Cant remember what it was, l think it was a 'cultural' thing if you get my drift...
  10. I really liked Cheese Possessed but then I'm a bit strange
  11. Bacon Grill - the dogs nuts. made a mess of your mess tin when frying the stuff though. awesome in the morning!
  12. Agree with ya there, quality scran, heated in a 44 metal mug with mixed veg and beef stock powder hurrrahhhh
  13. The tinned babies heads were my favourite back in the day (tinned steak and kidney pud for the boil in the bag compo generation).
  14. always remember hearing some jock bloke:

    'ahhh, fockin eal, lve brunt ma babbys yead'

    the look of desperation....
  15. I don't blame him -- they were peachy. Mind you, I loved all those tinned rats; mixed beef and veg, mince, and chicken curry. Oooh the choice!