Rat packs

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Chunkie, May 21, 2013.

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  1. Last week I wummaged awound in a new 2 day rat pack and to be absolutely honest I thought it was a complete load of packaged excrement compared to the 24hr rat packs of the 70's and 80's.
    What a load of gunk, tuna and something bake with other packs of brown sticky stuff I've never even heard of.
    I would much rather have the old stuff. Steak & Kidney pud with a packet of Smash and a small tin of peas from the Coop and the use of the "beef Drink" you could mix stuff up and make some great meals. Bacon burglars with sausage and beans or bacon burglars with Cheese possessed melted on top, followed by Biscuits AB Fruit and a packet of Spangles or Mars bar. I did notice that they've kept the boiled sweets but I didn't try them although I wished I had. I also see they've gone all Guchi for the girls with the Chocolate drink and lost the one pint tea bag! Theres just too much faffing around been going on since my day and its not for the better in my view.
    I'm just wondering who actually says what goes into a rat pack these days? maybe they should get a size 11 DMS boot up their rear end. On reflection, no better not, as that would give them brain damage!
  2. Cheers for that Dan.
  3. 58 pattern mug of tea with apple flakes tipped in.
    Dip in an oatmeal block.

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  4. Nae bother bonnie lad!
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  5. They've gone all 21st century.

    I've had occasion to serve youngsters steak & kidney pud, smash, bacon grill and beans at events and they sort of sniff at it, push it about the mess tin a bit and then eat the energy bars, hummus and pita bread and bowl-a-granola, that they had stashed.
  6. When I joined I had sampled the old style 24hr and 10man ration packs as a cadet. I got some of the first boil in the bag style stuff back in '93 and on H14 I sampled the then latest examples available of 10man, 24hr and 12hr stuf.

    The food has moved on, but then so has tastes. The rations have to reflect the tastes of the majority of those who will eat them or else it will be binned and the lads will be going down for lack of calories eaten.

    I won't slag off the old and bold on here as I too loved the babies heads and the tins of jam were amazing. But the new stuff is pretty good - pouches of cat food aka tuna aside.
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  7. Nowt wrong wiya bit o stayk n' kidney pud wiya cup o char old lad, makes you wonder what their mums have been feeding them on for years though, probably big macs and chips?

    Ahhhhhhh You forgot to season it then!
  8. It'll be dhal bhat in foil pouches, then... and whatever it is that Fijians eat.
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  9. Ooh, oatmeal blocks, yes please!!!
  10. I would say tuna, pasta, lean meat from "happy" animals, tajines, pilaffs and organic fruit and veg would be nearer the mark.

    Back in the day people who "ate shite" ate big macs and chips. These days people who "eat shite" eat tinned pies, pom, beans with everything and processed cheese.

    Time waits for no man.

    Edit:- I have seriously heard a debate between two "yummy mummies" on whether or not they should consider having a "long hard chat" with another (less, obviously) "yummy mummy" from their circle as she had been serving Fray Bentos pie to her pre-teen. The terms "practically child abuse" and "contact social services" were used in this conversation.

    Re-Edit:- And, at the same location but involving different women. A advising B not to allow her progeny to go on holidays with C's family as her son had been away with them previously over a bank holiday weekend and was served a cooked breakfast each morning with no options.
  11. At least they've got over issuing them artic type rat packs where you had to carry a water tanker around with you to re-hydrate it all!
  12. That stuff's great for temperate climates, but bloody awful for hot climates. It really is horses for courses and it was recognised the effect scoff has on morale. It's horses for courses as to which range of menus are best.
  13. Have Findus got the MoD contract, then?
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  14. Yet another misleading and ultimately disappointing thread title.

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  15. Jumpers for goalposts...
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