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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by kingburn_99, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    I am off parachuting this weekend and will be camping on the DZ for a few nights.

    As a youthful ex-STAB, i quite like the new ratpacks as there not the shit all you old timers are used to. To this end, does anyone know where i can get my hands on either Bukshee rat packs (any nice kind QM's?) or where i can buy one cheap (my local surplus store was charging an arm and a leg)

    If there are any kind and generous QM's out there i live in the north west!

    Failing this, any good suggestions for food that can be cooked on Hexi-stove..

    Cheers for any replys

  2. still got 5 tubes of vegimite frm em

    free of charge =p
  3. I think you'll find that the kind and generous QM's you refer to are also the "old timers", so you'll get f*ck all - go and buy some, there is no such thing as bukshee
  4. Water in a messtin, super noodles tabasco, corned beef or tinned fish or even bacon grill, tried Tescos? Cheaper than issued Rations (if bought!) and taste better!

  5. ebay is your friend
  6. didnt think they could sell food on Ebay Hairy!?

    And Grumpy Git, stop being a......Grumpy Git. I wasnt knocking old timers, i was knocking the shit rat packs they used to get. No such thing as Bukshee.....what about these 2 bukshee Hand grenades under my bed!?

    (reference to hand grenades = a joke, please dont send 12 burly armed police men to my home)
  7. Ha Ha :D
  8. If you are unable to to obtain British rat packs try FarSide Marketing who are supplying rat packs for the Irish Army.

    Contacted address;

    MK43 8EN

    TEL; 01234 240888

    They also provided hot climate rations for UK Forces.

    Details sourced from one of the Milton Keynes free news papers.

    Hope this is useful.
  9. any show with a lot of army stuff and army surplus there -- like the war and peace show on right now and in kent
  10. Cheers all.....i have left it late, so i will probably just survive on dry cereal and fruit...!

    Could pay £12 down at my local surplus but i am a tight arrse so...a few bananas it is for me!!
  11. I've never been on a civvy DZ that didn't have catering facilities and a bar even if it was only a choggi wagon chucking out banjo's.
  12. yes true, the website does say food is available but i was gonna go on the friday night before my jumps, dont think food would be available then. Anyway, they have cancelled on me so Fcuk it!
  13. Yes they do! (wah??)
  14. Genuinly didnt think they could sell food on fleebay. Although rat packs dont constitute food obv.

    Thats Fking awesome, i can live off treacle pudding!!!