Rat packs in the 80's

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by DogsAndMonsters, Feb 6, 2017.

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  1. Sorry to bother, but bijou discussion in the office (many retired officers) what were the main meals in the above? Got chicken sublime, babies heads, and that indeterminable mince - but what were the remainder? Apparently there were only four choices, I seem to remember 8 or was that pooches appeared?
  2. Was there chicken curry and rice?
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  3. Bet if you used the search you'd find out.
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  4. Fill yer boots you idle lizard.....

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  5. None of that changed much until GP ration packs came in. Those were lovely.
  6. Don't forget the 'Cheese Possessed' in the ten-man packs....... Marvellous stuff. Nomnomnom..
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  7. Too kind, what was the difference between bacon burger and bacon grill though?
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  8. Oh Nooooo STEP AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD...........don't start that argument again pleeeeease
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  9. DaManBugs

    DaManBugs On ROPs Book Reviewer

    I recall that everyone seemed to like the tins of conner in those ten-man packs too.

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  10. And the pilchards.......
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  11. I wonder if there will ever be a time when people on this site will decide that they have completely exhausted all the possibilities for discussion on the subject of compo?
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  12. Have we had one on the best colour of the Spangles? If so then we must be getting close to the edge.
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  13. Not a chance Provo. WE all miss the ruddy stuff.......
  14. Could never get the wrapper of the buggers - always sticky as a sticky thing.
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  15. Yeah. I definitely do. Especially the GP ration packs - those ******* would be nice for a wee hike in the various mountains that litter the ground not far from me.