Rat packs for civvie festivals

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by LeastIcoulddo, Apr 17, 2010.

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  1. So a couple of civvie mates have asked me where they can get their hands on 20ish rat pakcs for food at leeds festival, now i can beg/borrow/scrounge bits and bobs for them but i cant get anything like that amount of full packs for them.
    Is there a wholesailer that sells them in mixed packs? Because i think if tehy all had the same menu for three days they might be a bit miffed, 50p bets they would have fruid pudding in every box.
  2. Saves having to visit stonking festival toilets for a No.2 I suppose...
  3. Surely it'll be cheaper and easier to buy a few tins and a cheap set of cooking pots from aldi and do a curry or chili or something than buy and eat rat packs. Failling that just buy the over priced, yet tasty at the time crap on offer.

  4. Apparantly you cant take fuel or cookers on site with you? its nothign to do with me, i was just asked if i could procure food for them. This would be good because you can eat the rats cold without too much fuss. Would the guards know what hexi was? could they say it was little blocks of kendal mint cake? Rat packs also have the advantage of no preperation required, which im guessing is a binus as at tehse festivals everyone is smashed and off there face on whatever is going round anyway.
    The stuff there is overpriced they said, like 7 quid for a burger ( which wont be anywhere enar as good as a morning burger and beans :p )
  5. They could. However they want to rought it like we do (apparantly) besides could i deprive them of the experience of orange screech? Or the mushroom soup :x
  6. Sounds a bit odd, i know some festivals have banned BBQ's and pretty much all have a no fires rule(sensible really) might be worth looking into whats banned.

    Another thing to consider is that the campsites at alot of festivals are MILES from the stages and arenas and going through security checks can mean its not practical going back to the tent for something to eat and your not going to be allowed to cook in the arena areas, i did leeds a few years ago and just took stuff for breakfast, ie rat pack breakfast and small gas stove, and bought the rest of the stuff from the samonella stalls, every festival since ive just bought stuff onsite.

    Out of interest what festival are you going to?
  7. Im not my civvie mates are off and asked me to get them some scram because last time they got there cooker taken off them and ended up buying the food therre costing them a fortune. Im going to tell them to **** it to be honest, looking like a tenner per person per day foor rat packs, there better off finding something else.
  8. I know go outdoors sell stuff which is similar to rat packs but i bet it costs a fortune, tell them to get over it festival prices are a rip off but that the way it is!
  9. FFS The Mediterranean diet and a cold box full of booze, job done
  10. Looking up the price on some of these, approx £10 Per person per day, not exactly the cheap and easy option, when the hassle and facilities available at a festival are taken into account.

    Of course, the Yank MRE's have got the self-heater as well, which gets around the no-flame rule.

  11. There's a bloke who does jerkey, I think he branched out into dehydrated quality food, Martin Cowley. He went on the tv to get investment and was made a right monkey of by them, but his stuff's pretty good. Except the extra-hot chilli jerkey, that gives you the shites.

    He has a stall at a lot of festivals and I think has a website too.
  12. You CAN cook on site and BBQ:


    Just no gas!
  13. Almost all festivals have now banned gas cookers. This means for my morning cuppa I have to take a hexy cooker and a mess tin. I used to take ration packs that I'd 'acquired' but now I stick with a few cans of meatballs/assorted mess and buy food in the arena.
  14. Best off just taking cash and living on junk food for a few days, weight of food carried from car to campsite= less weight of beer carried from car to campsite, for example at Reading you're usually parked on the other side of the river and have to get a ferry back and forth to the campsite, the queue can take hours, and its a fair walk at Glastonbury as well, so in general you want to minimise the amount of dead weight (food, clothes) you carry and maximise 'party payload', unless trudging back and forth when you could be drinking and rocking out is your idea of fun! I'm going to Bestival this year, anyone else been ?