Rat Packs Controversy

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bivvyanorak, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. Recently on another forum for outdoors lovers called ooutdoorsmagic.com forum, there was a topic of discussion came up decrying a recent court ruling won by the MOD that all ration packs can never again now be sold off as surplus for outdoors civvie uses. Is this true does anyone know please? I am ex TA infantry nowadays, and still regularly but ration packs for use on wild camp trips and in bushcraft/camping activities, so if this rumour is true then it is certainly a bit of a fright for me! :cry:
  2. Why don't they want to sell them off?

    Never knew you could buy them to be honest mind.
  3. Only for our 'North British' brethren?
  4. Thanks one and all for the replies so far on this topic! It is of course outdoorsmagic.com, so sorry for the extra o making some wonder if it were for Scots people only! I am Scots descent though anyways as it happens! The topic arose in a chap on another forum posting in, that he had seen a press report of the MOD fighting a court case, against someone selling on ration packs recently. The upshot of which could well mean that no one can now legally buy the rat packs now as surplus or otherwise without facing legality problems in leaving themselves open to prosecution for handling stolen goods! All sounds most silly to me as hundreds of surplus outlets have always sold these items, very useful as they are for expedition groups, adventurers or wild campers in the civvie world. I just posted here in the hope that someone might have perhaps heard more about this case maybe?
  5. Probably a case of someone selling stolen stock if you stop to think about it for a moment.
  6. Or the Cheese Possessed coming back to haunt you 8O
  7. Yes, it now seems that what the original chap saw was an old report of a court case in 2005! I found the original thing online that he had read on an Airsoft enthusiasts website, and it was last updated it says there in 05! So maybe this all just happened long ago, and no one in the legitimate army surplus world has needed to take heed of it, continuing to sell as ever their legitimately bought surplus ration packs boxes!
    Also I guess that the whole thing would be completely impossible to police time-wise; as there would be lots of time wasted trying to decide if a ration pack seller was selling stolen items or else just reselling legitimately bought surplus items! The MOD factories still have production overruns it seems that get sold off as surplus to dealers, along with short dated unused rat packs being replaced by newer stocks in MOD stores all over the place too! Anyway, it does seem to have been a bit of a non-starter after examination further of the facts! Thanks one and all anyway for posting on the topic thread here, as I guess we can close this matter now as a "case solved" question!