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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Operator, Jan 18, 2004.

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  1. This came up as a result of the weekend's training,

    Does anyone know if the hot chocolate can be purchased seperatly, if not what is the next best or nearest thing?


  2. Have a visit into one of those Army Surplus stores that seem to be springing up everywhere. If they don't have a few boxed rat-packs on sale, they'll certainly have some packets of hot chocolate, stock drinks, etc. somewhere on the shelves.
    Coincidentally, why is it that you can get all your stuff out of the surplus shops, but never in your own stores? Surely they are called "Surplus Stores" because the stuff in there is all surplus?! :?
  3. It is surplus Macks.......
    It's surplus because when the wee Loggie was packing the short wheel base land rover with new socks for your RQ, he couldn't fit a pair of trousers in your size on, and the only space for boots was occupied with a pair of size 17s for the Adj's wife, so he packed the surplus in Green Tupperware boxes to be shipped off later. However that night, the two spotters who run your local "surplus store", having completed SF training at £175 a shot, snuck into his warehouse and lifted the tupperware boxes. So your trousers are being sold for 20 sheets a leg.
  4. i also want to get the orange chocolate that came with the pack.
    forgot the name now begins with D
  5. Duncan's of scotland make the choc.. I must point out that the stuff you get from them in the shops (if you can find it) is far better than the stuff in the packs.
  6. thats not very hard though is it Monsiour fat cakes
  7. we are going off track here, does any one know of a hot chocolate powder where you just add water that tastes as good as the one from the ratpack does.

    The duncans chocolate tastes mank.
    but my civie flat mate loves it and keeps on tea leafing the stash in the kitchen i keep, as i never eat it. I think, that they dont think i notice, that the pile is going down and down.

    I had a mate who colected loads of it and parcelled it all together for his mum's christmas present. She thought it was some high quality stuff that he had brought back from his recent trip to scotland
  8. right im getting a pallet load
  9. Anyone know why exactly the Cheese, Possessed, ahem, Processed was removed from the Compo boxes and henceforth emblazoned with nasty-assed "CHEESE REMOVED" tape?

    Now I've got to but feckin' Primula cheese by the tube-load.
  10. Because it was nasty.

    I joined OTC in '99, before the cheese was removed, and I remember then eating hard, orange cheese. Still tasted OK though.

    The best rat pack item is orange or lemon powder. I got addicted to that stuff -- raw -- last time I went on a summer camp. Also good is coffee and hot chocolate combined for a massive sugar and caffiene rush.
  11. You like Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech powder?

    Bloody Sex Pest. mind you it isn't too bad when added in its natural form to vodka to make an interesting tangy shooter.

    Instant Oats, Chocolate Powder with a cheeky bit of Sugar.... now that's the daddy of all compo concoctions! Started using that one when the main meals still came in tins! (make sure you dent the tin to avoid hot bean napalm death though)

    Mmmm Choccy Oat Madness!
  12. What is the difference between bacon grill and bacon burgers? I had an MRE from a septic once - it comes with coffee, sweetner and coffeemate but no means of boiling water - they just eat all 3 at the same time - gipping. It also now comes with a vanilla shake - which is the worlds best laxative!
  13. I know it's no use for making a brew but have you tried the Septic Chemical MRE heater pouches... a work of genius! Add water up to the line, whack it in the pouch with your MRE / Boil in the Bag and ten - fifteen mins later, warm scoff! No flames just explosive hydrogen gas and a warm meal! How incidentally do they make a brew if there's no hexi etc supplied... I take it they either get issued a stove or they have to buy their own?
  14. Septics don't make brews.

    But what do septics do for food if they can find neither a rock, nor a something, to lean their dinner on while it's warming?