Rat pack shelf life?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by spoomo, Jul 6, 2007.

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  1. As the subject - I was wondering what the shelf life is on the rations, specifically the boil in the bags?

  2. Every QM should have a monthly Food Supply Bulletin which detail expiry dates etc.
  3. Would that apply to the ones stored in my cupboard that Im considering putting into my kit for next ex? :p
  4. give me the dates and i'll check for you
  5. Ah cracking, Ill PM them to you when I get home!

  6. In my experience the shelf life of rations in practice is "until they're eaten"!
  7. I've had some from the 1990s and it was fine.

    So, I suppose beyond a certain point the army would pay out for your death, but they're 'probably' sound until just a bit before they evolve microbial life, swell up with gas, and pop.
  8. During recruit training in 1989, we got issued ratpacks dated 1975. Since none of us died, got the squits or formed our own religions, I can only assume they were safe.
  9. they generaly have a recommended shelf life of 6-8 years, although they probably last a lot longer.
  10. They last a lot longer, had some compo that was 10 years old and tasted just like it was meant to....crap
  11. Did you have to catch them before you ate them?
  12. still using early 90's rations to supplement my E&E kit or as its known now - ski resort munchies at 2am. Got a boil in the bag choocy desert party going in March on the balcony in Austria somewhere. Nobody died or fell ill though 10 hours worth of beer and spirits may have helped.
  13. e&e course in 1972, issued survival ration tin of chocolate, embossed with queen victoria's wedding, mmmmm
  14. didn't realize the stuff had a use by date considering some of the pre-historic rations we were issued :D