Rat pack recipes

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by here_be_mike, Dec 26, 2006.

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  1. Hi all, done a quick search and couldnt see anything about this. So could you gentlement share with me your wonderful wisdom on how to make rat packs taste better and origonal. Personaly i dont mind them but adding the hot chocolate drink powder to the rice pudding for a breathe of change seems handy to know when you start to get sick and tired of the same old thing. Any others that taste nice?
  2. Tabasco Sauce.

    Add to meals to liven them up

    Also noodles can be boiled and added to meals to a. make em go further b. taste better
  3. Spanish_Dave

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  4. 1/2 oxo cube in any of the stews, That curry rubbish can go hate the stuff!

    track pad in butterscotch sauce deserves binning. The hot chocolate drink is fantastic, couple more packets in the rat pack would be good. a miniture of baileys in the hot chocolate is good.

  5. Pot noodles are banned in my section, too much space and not enough nutrition.
  6. Here's a few extra's to carry.

    1. Tube of english mustard.
    2. Curry powder.
    3. Tabassco (as already mentioned)
    4. Bott of brown sauce.
    5. Worchester Sauce (Lee & Perrins)
    6. Chilli powder.

    Just tour the sauce and condiment's section of ure local supermarket and see what takes ure fancy. There's loads about.

  7. True, I agree, they are avoided in mine too :D Glad im not the only one who upsets the children come exercise time.

    However Rice Noodles, as theyve got a low GI (Glycemic Index) let you utilise the carbs to reduce hunger and keep you fuller for longer. Also as theyre Low GI (Slow release, if you like) the carbs help prolong physical endurance. As they are dried, they can be broken down and stored relatively compact, out of the maker's packaging.
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Agreed.I used to put them into little minature spirit bottles & then into a old bakky tin.When you get a take out get extra salt & pepper,mustard,Tartare sauce ect sachets & put them in a little zip-lok bag to keep them dry. Also kept a small jar of curry paste as well.
  9. Health food shops have the best range of herbs and spices. Pack them in the white 35mm film containers. (A camera shop will usually have loads of these spare). Dried mixed herbs, Chilli powder, mustard powder, coarse black pepper, garlic powder etc. are handy. Avoid made up mustard or liquid sauces as they will ruin your kit when they burst or break and the enemy will smell you a mile off!

    Take powdered milk - better than that horrible white creamer that they started putting in rat packs in the early 90's - it's little more than food grade white paint - impossible to make a decent cup of tea with.

    Noodles are fine but you want the flat instant noodle packs like "Doll" brand not those useless pot noodle things.

    Nairns Scotch oatcakes are good and very nutritious to bulk out your pack. A piece of good quality mature cheddar will last well if kept dry and out of extreme heat. Use the Lock and Lock brand boxes.

    Dried fruit is good and nutritious.

    If you're not fussed about the two can rule the best and lightest way of carrying booze is a winebox. Very little weight in the packaging in relation to the content. When it's finished you've got a blow up cushion too!

    Bon Appetit!
  10. I always found pot noodles made me mega thirsty, not ideal if your rationed on water.

  11. Doll brand Noodles and equivalent good. Remember though, that these are 'soup noodles" and that flavour sachet is actually concentrated soup powder.

    So use the noodles to bulk out a meal, especially if water is no object, and the sachet can be held back , to give you a hot chicken/beef drink seperately.

    The sachets can also be used as condiments in their own right.
  12. just bloody eat it as it is, its lovely.
  13. Er....take them out of the pot and put them in a sealy bag then....just a thought.

    Oh and as for the thread..... count yourself lucky you're asking about recipes, and not how to brak down all the tins, packets, tubes and bags you got in a 10 man pack, and then keeping an eye on where the bloke with your main meal on him had gone to...

    get it down you FFS, encona west indian hot pepper sauce makes most stuff "interesting" ..... and doesnt take up too much room.
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Carry a few OXO cubes to add to either the Bacon & Beans or for a drink.
    Ditch the Cheese Possessed or the Spread Meat?
  15. terroratthepicnic

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    I find fresh garlic is a must for when on ex. It adds flavour and as an added bonus it stops you getting bitten as mozzies hate the stuff. Admittedly you will stink of garlic, but you aint on the pull are you.