Rat pack junior masterchef idea

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by walt_of_the_walts, Nov 4, 2011.

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  1. As the winter, and indoor training program kicks in, some cadets are getting a bit bored, so we are looking at ideas for indoor/on det training for the dark evenings.

    An AI in my ACF det has come up with an interesting idea, namely...

    A rat pack junior masterchef competition.

    Cadets will be allowed five additional ingredients, to produce the best main meal/breakfast meal dish from a standard ORP (none of that multi climate peanuts and fruit crap)

    What 5 ingredients would you choose?

    How would you judge it? What rules would you apply.

    I was thinking that it could be judged by there peers and one rule would be nothing you wouldn't carry in the field, so hexi is okay, but so is a gas stove and small fry pan.

    To save the usual comedians the time and effort of crayoning over this thread, AI semen, Rohypnol, Roofies, Haribo, Werthers Originals or Greggs pasties etc are not allowed.

    So your ideas please...
  2. I would either choose:

    1) your mum followed by you sister the dirty whores


    Anything seasoned with a lot of chlli.
  3. Most kids can burn water so personally I'd disregard the Jnr Masterchef option.

    Have a charity based competition, for example "Guess the AI's Weight". Those cadets who correctly calculate your undraped weight to the nearest metric tonne win.
  4. I think you need to limit what exactly the 5 extra ingredients are allowed to be otherwise you are going to be looking at a Tournedos of Kobe beef with truffle sauce on a Whortleberry Jus and a Bocconcini of cheese possesed.
  5. Curry powder.

    With the old menus curry powder was a must, lamb stew with curry powder was perfect.
  6. AI **** you never mentioned it wasnt allowed or how about your bell end masqurading as a button mushroom poking into the bottom of the rat pack to surprise the youngsters
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  7. They could put Chocolate back in the Rat Packs, instead of the 8 bags of Squirrel food that some Health Nazi has sneaked in. Oh and bring back hot breakfasts instead of 7 menus involving Muesli and only 3 with Hot Breakfasts.

    Re extra ingredients, curry powder and 4 types of fresh fruit and vegetables. Good idea, hope the kids have fun.
  8. You've never witnessed a summer sunrise in Afghanistan have you?
  9. Great for those with nut alergies, great thinking there!
    Fair point on the chocolate but was always a scramble to get the boxes with the hot food rather than the muesli etc among the crowd I went on tour with
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Nor anywhere south of Imber.
  11. Did these on a regular basis when I was on Op Raleigh in Central America. Standard rations included stuff like tuna, condensed milk, sugar, coffee, rice, flour, hard biscuits, the dreaded Beanfeast & so on. There was no tinned veg because fresh could be found quite easily locally.

    I'm not completely up to date with what's in rat packs, but perhaps the addition of some powdered pom (Smash for the non-BAOR types), fresh or tinned fruit, margarine/butter & condensed milk quite a lot can be made.

    Being DS I cheated horribly, of course, & a tin of condensed milk happened to fall into a vat of boiling water about 3 hours before the competition started. In no way did the illicitly produced dulche de leche spread on a nest of crushed hard-tack biscuits mixed with sugar & marge & topped with fresh banana slices & a sprinkle of cocoa help my team win the competition...
  12. If you put masterchef as the comments when you demand it I will **** in it to save your fellow AIs the time.
  13. perhaps you could do this while saltuing ACF officers. Luckily youre a big tough guy in a band now and not a failed cadet.
  14. Or you could just **** off and just use one username? And the fact you dont even know me, who I am, what I am.... It says alot about your character really (basically youre a ****) :)
  15. If you want to test the masterchefs how about two of the extra ingredients being flour and fresh fruit... Forget about supplying the other three, just allocate the avaliable cash to them and let them choose.

    Force the buggers to think about their menu...