Rat Pack Curried Lamb

...is lovely and everything, but is appallingly designed. The plastic rice packet + foil sauce combo is too bulky to buddy up in the same mess tin, and the plastic melts in a high 'fcuk, I'm in a rush' hexy flame, without cooking the rice.

Why can't the rice & sauce be in the same packet, in a sort of soggy biryani fashion?

I post this just in case some loggie in Bath hasn't realised how annoying the design is, and is surfing arrse...
Actually, while we're on this topic, the current edition of Pravda- I mean, Soldier- has a warning about selling on unused rations to civvies.

If there's such a demand for it, why can't the MoD sell it on to civvies directly, via a website or something? Increased economies of scale would make the individual price of the rations cheaper for the Army, even leaving aside the profit to be made from external sales at a large mark-up.

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