War Hero
Just a chance for a straw poll to tweak things if there ever is another thing like it.

1.when did you go?
2.what was good and what was arrse?
3.what do you suggest to improve it( prices location and provision of naked ladies is beyond my remit!)

answers appreciated


I went on Sat & Sun, it was very good really, although one or two more traders would have been nice.
I went with the intention of ordering a new Alfa Romeo but they weren't there :(
The fairground was good, the main arena was good too.
BFBS were great, the stage seemed lively enough all day.
The Bands on Sunday were great, I stayed till the fireworks etc, with my mate + kids all enjoyed the evening.
On Monday,I heard Fish was shite - pi55ed or stoned apparently :-/
Overall an A Grade though.  
Well done, good turnout, carry on.
I was there for the duration and it seemed to me that the whole thing went off very well. Everyone seemed to be in party mood and I only saw the RMP/GCP move 'en masse' the once to clear the NAAFI tent on the Saturday night.

Great party..... as for  Fish? I couldn't really say as I was also well gone by then...... but the fireworks were impressive on the Sunday...... must have cost a fortune.

I think I'll go next year too....... oh sh1t, there won't be one  :-/