RASS 2002?


War Hero
Bloody hell Gunners.......It's not that good to come all the way from UK, is it? Where would you stay over here?
Probably the same place I'm going to stay.. In a pile of sick in the middle of the golf course!  :p


Shall we just one for one who's calling the poison ?
need a ref : whos sober.
Bungee half time OK ( rules no clutching the toilet & NO MID Air projectiles  :p )
See you there .
Thats if ? ( you wish to back out now )

chalky - You can try.........but I doubt that you'll succeed, lets see shall we?  ;D ;)


War Hero
There's no chance in a million years that you'll get me on that bungee thingy........Sh*t scared of it and heights! :-[


Latest Int is that this year is the last RASS - in it's present form.  
Seen on Pt 1s and heard on BFBS a couple of days ago.

Make the most of it ???
Right.. I know STA quite well, especially JSPC(L), so my question is.. where do you pitch your tent.. and where do you park for the weekend?

Second point is.. we MUST do an identification thing.  I know it's a bit late, but I have devised this simple badge layout to be worn on the left shoulder (where an officer would have his rank).  Sadly I have left it too late to get it put on here, but I am going to be wearing a badge comprising of a red capital A inside a red circle.  About 2 inches across should be enough.  Make it bold enough to be seen at a decent distance though!
Then we shall all meet up, discuss the site for about 5 minutes, the people on it.. and then proceed to get plastered!!! Bonus!!

Cheers for now and hope to see you all there..  ;D
I've got an ID sized badge with ARRSE in red on a yellow background... Let's see how long it takes me to get a bollocking as I'm in uniform for the duration. Ain't gonna stop he getting methed though  8)
Yeah bollerx to it.. Let's just make some kind of ARRSE identifiable thing.  I like the ID thing actually, and it just so happens that I have an expensive ID card making thing in my office.. I'll make a new one this afternoon, but I'll still be wearing it on the apex of my left shoulder!

P.S. Anyone KNOW what the headlining act is going to be yet.. Website doesn't say yet and I've heard a million and one 'rumours'.
I'll try mate, but I've left work for the day and stuff.  Your best bet is to make it in powerpoint and print it.

What I've got is a yellow credit card sized ID vertically.
It's got my photo on the top with Davros the Dalek either side of it vertically.  Underneath that is a large red ring with a capital red A in the middle. Everything is in Comic font.

On the reverse it says..
<New line> This is to certify that the person shown is a bona fide member of the ARRSE consortium.  Please allow him all the priveliges afforded therein.
<New Line>
By Order
JNCO's Mess Moderator"

Then my signature.

Yellow background with red writing is the key here.. and the capital A in the circle.. anything else is a bonus!
Well I just got back from what I thought was a fantastic RASS.  The only problem was the weather.. Where was all that sunshine??  

Oh! And where was everyone else?  Only person I managed to see was PlantPilot.. Oh well.. I suppose if I hadn't traded my ARRSE ID on Saturday night for a cigarette when I was pissed I may have had better luck on Sunday, but still.. I didn't see any other badges on display!  :(
I think you'll find that 90% of the sunshine was on the Monday...... I now have the worst squaddie tan in NATO!
Yeah.. I found that out when I got back.. :(

Oh well..


:'(        So there it was ........gone

RASS, apart from the nice little mark up in price (100%)from 2 years ago, and that I nearly had to pick a Triumph motorbike outta my teeth ( many thanks Whitehelmets for the interesting game of dodge the runaway bike).
RASS will be sorely missed, what a great chance to have an inpromptu reunion ( and beer) with long lost (and forgotten) comrades...  

 ;) (duty rumour from the German press said that there was a chance that a new leaner meaner Anglo/German show might happen in the future to replace the RASS...what do you all think????)


Sorry Leeanne
Couldnt make it had more pressing issues to deal with
just my luck the last one ever.
Had to go on a last minute dot com course
Sorry i didn't get to drink you under the table or make you throw the days food all over on the bungee. :-[

There's no chance in a million years that you'll get me on that bungee thingy........Sh*t scared of it and heights! :-[
Yeah.. no chance I'd be on the bungee jump. Not at €50 a pop anyway!! I went on the catapult though.. that WAS cool!

P.S. Anyone find an Oakley sunglasses lens? Thought not.. Oh well Insurance claim coming up.

P.P.S. Anyone lost a Levi's Jacket? Too bad! It's mine now!!  ;D

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