RASS 2002?

Who's going this year? Should Arrse members have a badge to recognise each other (Carnation in lapel)? Meeting place to be confirmed? Sounds like a plan or what? Hopefully I'll be there, don't know in civvis or green maggot yet.

Please, ideas.

For the non German types, Rhine Army Summer Show (are we still the Rhine Army?) or should it be known as the BFG ASS (Big Freaking Girls ASS)?
ARRSE Convention at one of the PIMMS tents sounds like a splendid idea.
BFBS Stand ay?? Is there not a dentist on the showground, that would be more fun? NAAFI tent ay? Want to drink not wear it! Nah Pimms tent much more civilised and refined.
Hahaha! you've captured the sprit of RASS in one fell swoop!  Oh, and Tara.. Pimms is minging!  Is it at BadLip again?  Hopefully I'll get a few more jumps in then!  What are the dates?
I think you will find Leeanne that this is also a site for grownups and that whilst the Pimms tent does not appeal to you (They sell other drinks Dalek), then the NAAFI tent is not everyone elses idea of fun. So as neutral ground, can I suggest the Red Shield tent for tea and biscuits.
Being my normal humorous self Tara, I see you as someone that spends most of his day's on the Internet, and by night Masturbating on it - Am I right??

Remember i'm only joking ;D

As for the RASS, does anybody else have any other ideas where we could meet up??
Yeah, on the stage just as The Lighthouse Family are coming on so we can kick the boring f**ks off and get Atomic Kitten on :)  You RMPs and officers just look the other way ok?
Davros - see you at Uncle Toms Cabin


War Hero
RASS 2002 18,19 and 20th of May
check out


I'll be there, meet up at the fat bloke with a microphone, which one I hear you ask(ha ha)
Shouting ARRSE is the way ahead
another way would be name badge made in best Blue peter style with ARRSE nom de plume on?
Having seen the proposed 'International' acts on the RASS web-site, I think that a suitable drinking enclosure should be found (no tea Tara unless it is of the Long Island variety) and not leave it. Having been to a few RASSs the on site medics are quite capable of dealing with alcohol related illness so you need only attend with your ARRSE ID (TBC by somebody!?) and drinking head on. 8)
With regards to BFG ASS... should that be BAG ASS? As we are officialy the British Army Germany, at least when it comes to sports, and the RASS is one of the best sports I know  ;D


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How about this for recognition;

write you ARRSE name on your arse

Take a photo

pin the photo to your chest(with pride)

By the way, the fat bloke might be getting done for tax evasion.... (not entitled to BFG status)  Tee hee hee!
the bungee jump seems a good idea. last one to hit the turf is (alive) :'(
love to go on a 3 day binge ( sorry about the wide load)
fancy drinking me under the table  ???

Who's up for the 3-day bender then?  Or can nobody handle the pressure? ::)
I'll be there for the lot..

What's this about bungee jumping? Is it a big crane affair?

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