Due to more annoying changes impemented by our all knowing superiors I cannot write a range letter and must now produce a RASP. :x Can any swiched on kind hearted person send me an electronic copy! This will save me a lot of typing by coing the cut and paste thing. :D
6G just tried opening the file for ZZ as he is out of the office and it wont open???? takes us to the stupid BT page as this file must contain sex or something like that. Could you PM him and send the file?
Or check Pam 21? cut and paste from there, then there will be no errors intentional or otherwise, RASPs have been mandatry for ages as have EASPs, does that mean if the kak hit the fan you'd be in it big style?

btw isn't the RASP an annexe to the range letter along with the Medical risk assessment?
Use the format in Pam 21, just make sure its the 2007 version. Format has changed, and RCO's conducting notes now form part of the RASP.

Dont be tempted to take the quick (and lazy) route and copy someone elses, and possibly their mistakes. Remember it'll be scritinised if something goes wrong and SASC and LAIT start crawling all over you.

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