RASC, RCT & RLC Reunion 2011

Discussion in 'RLC' started by raymort, Nov 28, 2009.

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  1. It has been proposed by members of the www.waggoners.co.uk/forum, for the RASC, RCT & RLC, to hold a Reunion in the year 2011 for all corps members. This is a very ambitious task to take on and I imagine full of very long days and no sleep thrown in.
    OK to start I would like to form a committee to help in the organisation. If it is at all possible I would like volunteers to be able to come to meetings that are located near Hereford so that it’s easier for all concerned to commute to the meeting place.
    Until I get a committee established I will do some initial ground work to find a venue and start the documentation and committee member’s tasks.
    The initial feedback I got from some members was to hold the reunion in the month of May 2011, but as it has been pointed out to me this is when the Army Navy game at Twickers is held. To hold the reunion we have to decide on the best date that suites the majority, so with that in mind I would need some feed back from all members of the forum ASAP.
    This gives us all 12 months to start the ball rolling and arranges the entertainment, Invites to key dignitaries and entertainers. I have already had loads of suggestions from members and I have taken those onboard. To sum up we need the following:

    a. Date for the reunion
    b. Committee formed
    c. First get together for the committee
  2. why?

    Those of us serving have ample opportunities for regular re-unions, not least Corps dinner nights, Corps sporting events and the Corps open day.

    There is also the AvN possibly the biggest annual reunion in the military open to serving and ex.

    I don't see the need to lump RASC/RCT/RLC together for a reunion. The generations that it will span will make for a very strange dynamic with very little in common.

    Those that left before the RLC formed, infact one could argue, left since 2001 will barely recognise the Corps to which they once belonged.

    For one I am sincerely bored of hearing dits about the good old days in Bunde, Minden etc, when it would appear the main activites were deploying on very tedious, pre-recced exercises and heavy drinking of german beer.

    In fact, to illustrate this point, i was aghast recently when a former brigadier suggested that now, in afghanistan, we can't seem to get the basics right, that IEDs were nothing new and standards appeared to be falling across the piece.

    Needless to say this former officer was highly operationally experienced and decorated with his GSM(NI) and UNICYP medals - 2 tours,not bad in 35 years! Indicative of that generation
  3. I have taken on board what you have put in here and that you are entitled to have your say. It is a sincere invite to hold a reunion for all who served in the Transport corps past and present. I also realise that the corps as we knew it has changed because it has an amlgum of other trades that were also a corps in their own right. Ok I realise that there are a multitude of reunions planned every year for individual units. Also corps week in Aldershot is also a big event along with Navy and Army game at Twickenham. The reunions that I have gone to are about meeting old and new members of individual units and it’s not all about swinging lampshades and spinning out endless anecdotes of times past, swilled down with copious amounts of alcohol.
    There is always a good ear from us old codgers like me to the changes that have taken place since our days in the Corps. If your view is a true reflection of current and recently left soldiers, then how do we accept those who served in WWII, Northern Ireland and every conflict in-between? Yes a different Army but still have a lot of things in common good old sense of humour, banter and comradeship. Proof of the pudding will be how many support it, if it’s not supported then I will be first to throw in the towel.

    Ray Moreton
  4. Why not have the thing at Deepcut on Corps open day? That way the old and bold can see the changes themselves.

    There is even a "Reunion bar" there or you could contact the Corps RSM for space for an extra marquee Good transport links and ample hotel accommodation nearby.

    Makes sense to me but no Im not helping!
  5. Thanks for the idea, you are not the first to make that suggestion but it is looking increasingly a very good idea. As all amenities would be in place and maybe contacting depot for permission and assistance may be my next call
    Thanks once again
    Ray Moreton
  6. My bold - that's not indicative at all.
  7. Bubbles - Danny said retired - I reckon he is probably indicative of most of his cohort of late RAOC/ RCT officers. Current 1*s probably have more, but older ones NI + 1 is about par for the course - not their fault, but it does tend to hamper thinking. Being a former 1* does not mean your perspective is necessarily valid or current! And Danny's reports of that blokes comments suggest a marked lack of understanding of current context.
  8. Probably agree - but just minor points - the large amount of casualties in NI during 1972/73 and the fact that in those days you could do multiple tours and you only got the GSM (NI) - no bars, no ACSM. So one medal could mean up to 8 tours.

    Anyway - Ray Moreton - go for it! Why not? Each to his own.
  9. maybe for an infantry soldier - very unlikely for an RCT officer
  10. Unlikely, but not impossible :wink:
  11. True, but 4 or 5 was not uncommon and I served with a few who had the MID. Anyway, please don't get into a "I'm better than you" routine - we are all different and all served in very different era's. If someone wants to get together people to have a reunion - let us praise and not decry.
  12. Why dont you post this in the RCT/RASC forum??????

    Thats right cos it was 16 years ago that it was disbanded,

    Get over it and Support the RLC open day!!!!
  13. Would Serving Pers mix in a RCT / RASC bar when there are perfectly good all ranks / Sgts' and Offr Mess tents available that you can socialise with your Oppo's in?

    We have a former Corps annual lunch held anually in the Mess at my current Regt, Bernie from the Chelmsford branch is a very active member so we have a good relationship. To be honest I cannot see many serving soldiers going to a "National" event, good luck in your task though, it is worth a punt, it is very easy to sit back doing nothing else but critise!
  14. Thanks Moon_Monkey_Spunk for the encouragement much appreciated. Its a mammoth task I know i can but try. HELP!
    Ray Moreton
  15. well we have been waiting a few years since the last 12 sqn reuinon and naff all has come about its a pitty that some one cant get one organised,by the looks of things its cheaper for thoes of you to come here and have weekend of seeing old faces and a cabby arround the old sites but still it would be nice to come back and enjoy a few days with all the trimmings for a change