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Mrs Gas Gas Gas is delighted to have regained one cupboard following the hanging up of my boots. However, my tenuous thread to the life in green is maintained by now being on the books of the Regular Army Reserve of Officers (RARO). Apart for a welcome letter and that the notification of my transfer will be gazetted in August as a Class II Major, I know next to nothing about RARO. Are there any learnéd souls here who can provide any details or pointers?
TA is now the 'Reserve of Choice' (and has superceeded the Regular Reserve as such) so unless you have some particularly rare specialism, you are unlikely to be mobilised baring the sudden arrival of 3 Shock Army at Dover. (Famous last words.)

None of my RARO mates have had any requirement to attend training, although they occasionally receive the odd brown envelope through the post at times of impending war with a letter asking them to confirm their address. (Yeah, right!)

However, if you wish to continue some sort of green activity, you may find a the AA Pool of Watchkeepers a satisfactory continuation of staff life, otherwise there is the rest of the TA for unit life.

If you never want to see the Army again, then you are probably safe.
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