Rare Set up for Auction

Discussion in 'Medals' started by jack-daniels, Nov 30, 2011.

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  1. Why on earth was he allowed to wear yankee poop....I mean yank bling?
  2. He was granted permission by the MoD. During the Gulf War he was with the 82nd ABN and got up to allsorts with them. They're a genuine set and all above board, Baz will be known to quite a few on here.
  3. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    and who court mounted his medals? Helen Keller?
  4. Personally I don't think they should have granted him permission, they don't for others. Looks daft having that yank combat badge on there. Just my humble opinion.
  5. I agree it does look strange (the CIB) but there's quite a few knocking about now with the Bronze Star up.
  6. Very nice set - For those with the money. I did see a GSM (NI bar) & South Atlantic medal from a guy in 3 para, alongside his red book fetch £1,500 on Ebay, so I imagine this set would storm it. Hope the sale goes well.
  7. Estimate: (£80,000 - £100,000)
  8. Hope Baz gets as much as he can for them.
  9. Good luck to him.
  10. So I'ts a choice between that and buying a lone VC?
  11. Hope it goes for way over the estimate. Good luck Baz.
  12. Hope he gets a decent wedge for them. If I had the cash, I'd have these before a VC any day of the week.
  13. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Point of pedantry: It's the Queen who grants permission for foreign medals to be worn - albeit on the advice of the MoD. It's quite normal in the case of gallantry or bravery awards. It's the foreign operational or service medals that are not usually allowed.

    I believe I had the privilege of meeting him. If it's the same guy he was an instructor at Brecon and we mobilised through there on the way to the Balkans.
  14. Hope he makes a mint on them,lovely grouping, maybe Ashworth will be having them i think.