Rare deer

Cunt that he is. Raising animals to be shot for sport isn't in my good book, no matter how much I respect the skill of good hunting - eat what you kill and never leave a wounded animal has always been my way, and I believe the likes of Ugly here go with that.

Many years ago a big old bull elephant wandered out of a game reserve in Kenya into a free-fire zone in Tanzania, reported on all the way by paid lizards, and a huge horde of bloodthirsty bastards paid to be the ones to drop him from the back of their Toyota 4x4s. Put me off "hunting" big time. Happy to take an impala for the table, mind.

You know how we practise our stalks? Oh yeah, you guessed it....it's kinda amusing when they stick their tongue out.
jarrod248 said:
wompingwillow said:
WhizzyShootingStar said:
wompingwillow said:
and you wonder why people think your a throbber
Oh urine off will you.
I'd like to urine on you and set you on fire does that count?
Can I watch? We can have fireworks and I'll do a Beef Stroganoff or Deer Stroganoff :twisted:
We could sell tickets, it's not just deer that need culling, could I offer to smash WSS in the face with a cricket bat until her nose exits the rear of her head.
If the bleeding hart [geddit?] brigade stump up more than the best offer the landowner gets, I'm sure that he'll be happy for them to take it off his property alive.
I have shot and fished all my life however i find this sickening .I have no objection to the animal being culled if it falls into the amounts and sex they need to cull.
But to auction this off to rich trophy hunters is a disgrace which brings British field sports down to the level of african caged hunts .
This stalker should have his licence revoked and his association with field sports removed .He is just the sort of TWOT who does shooting ,fishing and hunting no good at all .
As an altervative as he is white why dont we auction him off as a freak to shoot which the cnut clearly is
British deer society and all other shooting bodies need to stop this circus now,before they fall straight into the hands of the antis
I don't suppose anyone has thought about letting Pearl live in the wild or perhaps putting her in a zoo.

Don't really get the whole kill it and mount it brigade. No dramas if they kill it and eat it. But if you are going to kill something, it should be for a reason other than the sheer joy of it.


Odd as it may seem I find no problem with a stalking guide offering trips to cull a certain mutant Roebuck, its true that they exist and they are some on MoD land but as a rule I dont take the light coloured ones as they are good indicators (with fallow) where the rest of the herd is.
Now ethical control is one thing and I am sure that this would be done properly and within the law, lets not cast judgement on a newspaper report, we've all seen those discredited in the past havent we?
I saw this today and wondered if the Times was trying to become the Guardian!
No idea who WSS is, but I agree with the post. To my mind, any psychopath who gets off killing animals just for the fun of it, should probably be strung up by the balls, and force-fed faeces.
I've shot for most of my adult life. I shoot because I enjoy it (the sport) the countryside and ultimately because I enjoy eating game. To shoot the animal simply because it's different and rare will be a travesty. Saying that, I've always wanted to shoot a minky whales eye's out with a pellet gun.

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