Rare beast: Medic Walt

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by longishshot, Jan 2, 2012.

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  1. Hadn't really twigged the existence of the waltenkommando until having an idle surf today.

    Better an outing here 2 years late than never - sorry, hadn't realised there was an audience for this sort of thing.

    Read this thread carefully; outing starts at post 5: "gun-nut" posted (until challenged) as "British army -Dr"; he was pinged as being the same individual as the person posting here as "medic-matt":

    20 MOA insert for burris signature rings - Sniper's Hide Forums

    I see he's still on ARRSE.

    Nowt queer as folk.
  2. 2012 year of the walt perhaps ?
  3. Thats funny.
  4. Seriously, in the great cosmic scheme of things - love, death,war, birth, McEwen's Export, etc, etc - why do you expect me to give a fuck about any cunt on an internet forum bluffing other cunts on an internet forum??

    Is he gaining money from OAPs by deception? No. Is he persuading kiddies to play with his pocket gerbil until it sneezes? No. Is he conspiring to commit a terrorist outrage? No. But you seem to actually think people should care. Why? I mean, for fucks sake - why? Are you desperate for some self-validation by association with other cyber-Walthunters ? Is your existence that bleak and meaningless that you would consider that a fulfilling e-experience? Can't you at least find a faintly amateurish charity to huff and puff about?

    When I first discovered this site it was a good mixture of informed debate and the breath-taking bad taste I used to sit awe-struck by in real NAAFIs - you know, the ones you used because you actually were a squaddie (yes, I know nostalgia isn't what it used to be, but nevertheless ...). I've never wanted to be part of the ARRSE 'community' or to join the 'secret' forums where the cool kids hang out - which I always imagine involve the Snail's dog licking its arse while MDN takes videos one-handed - but I do turn up with the hope I will either learn something or be caused to snigger uncontrollably. Which of those criteria does your turgid cross-referencing to another forum meet?
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  5. Erudite, unambiguous, coherent post. By why in the name of all that is Holy did you mention McEwan's Export?
  6. I love that one. Must remember it.
  7. It's a fucking pearler isn't it. :)
  8. My thoughts exactly, that one has gone down next to "Cock-socket" on my "Must use more often" list.

    ARRSE improving the English language one insult at a time.
  9. Pure Gold...no 2012 will be the year of the memorable quote...

    Wasn't there medi-walt who actually managed to blag his way into training first aid etc to the SAS at Hereford in the late 80's early 90's. He'd been at it for 3 years before being rumbled...now that's walting!!! (if true)
  12. Save them up or a Waltfest: 30 days of waltish outings with a new one each day.
  13. Call of Duty - Modern Walting 4
  14. medic walts ? rare ? hardly,

    awful lot of private ambulance types are walts even if they are working for CQC registered firms ...

    even some of the 'NHS contractor' PASes - remind me why do you need blues and twos , full battenburg livery and a massive backpack to do Discharges ...
  15. Not rare. Dr walts, dentist walts, nurse walts, there plenty of Holby fanatics that are also part time fantasy health professionals.

    There was one outed recently in Lewisham. It was headline news. Cardiac specialist Walt.