'Rapture' apocalypse prediction sparks atheist reaction

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ta_wannabe_sig, May 20, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - 'Rapture' apocalypse prediction sparks atheist reaction

    Thought about putting this in the 'Are you religious' thread the I read what I thought was the best section in the article

    An atheist and entrepreneur from North Hampshire, Bart Centre, is enjoying a boost in business for Eternal Earth-bound Pets, which he set up to look after the pets of those who believe they will be raptured.
    He has more than 250 clients who are paying up to $135 (£83) to have their pets picked up and cared for after the rapture.
    They would be disappointed twice, he told the Wall Street Journal. "Once because they weren't raptured and again because I don't do refunds."

    This is the first nation that put man on the moon
  2. No they didn't. It was all filmed in a potting shed near Selma.

    Edited to add: If they were first, who was second?
  3. The Independent Republic of Clangeristan.
  4. I know there's been warning of the rapture before, but...

    George Bush, a highly religious man but an idiot by all accounts, managed to become a 2 term President and his actions still shape world politics today.

    Stephen Hawkin, a very very brainy man, but speaks out against a God. He's now stuck in a wheelchair, dribbles and has to talk through a computer with an American accent.

    Sorta makes you sway towards God existing doesn't it?
  5. That bloke looking after the bible thumpers
    pets is on a top lurk. Pissed off now I didn't
    think of it myself. As for Stephen Hawking
    he seems to do ok with his speak and spell
  6. all religious people are of course incredibly healthy and doing really well for themselves.
    which is why mostly poor people are very religious people.

    maybe not eh?
  7. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    In 1921, some local in Jamaica announced that the world was going to end and that all those to be saved must give everything away and muster clad in a white sheet on top of a certain mountain. Cue enormous distress from penniless eejits the next day.
  8. I plan to start looting tommorrow at 1830EST
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  9. All you naysayers are going to look really stoopid on Sunday morning.

    I wonder if Arrse will still be here when all the wailing and gnashing of teeth starts.

    I know all the actual Arrsers themselves will still be around as I can't see any half decent diety wanting to "take up in rapture" any of us lot.

    We're all doooooomed I tell ye!
  10. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Good thing I stocked up at clay ground last time I went. Do you think 28g of 7.5 would be suitable for warding off demons, or should I upscale to the pigeon loads?

  11. That reminds me of this and apparently hawking is quite a dope rapper

    YouTube - ‪Einstein vs Stephen Hawking -Epic Rap Battles of History #7‬‏

    On the whole rapture thing, I'm staying as near to 5A as is safe, no demons would fuck with him.
  12. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    the rapture would rather cool I reckon, all the annoying christians would get the boot and we would all notice that no politicians were taken, mean time we dont have to worry about the mortgage and can settle down to armageddon.

    I would finally be able to move into and old church and remodel it kevin mcloud style :)