RAPS parachute course at Netheravon

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Jimmy_Carter_is_Smarter, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. Are you in the forces? if so try and get your self on a raps or aff course for nowt mate, to answer your Question, i think its around 9 or 10 jumps but im not too sure.
  2. TA. I'll ask about. If it's a no the course at Netheravon is still pretty good value.
  3. The £150 course is the initial training course plus 1 jump.

    Successive jumps are £22 mil rate. min 18 jumps to qualify.

    There are mil adv trg course you can get on which cover the initial course, packing and as many jumps that time/weather dictates spread over 2 weeks and i think you pay a tenner.
  4. raps is a slow way of going obout it! AFF is the way to go!

    i did this in october of last year with
    http://www.activeskydiving.co.uk/ scotty is the man!! i know it looks more expensive but you freefall on your first jump!!
  5. I don't know if they still do it, but I did a 'Basic Freefall Course' at Netheravon. 8 Jumps and they only money you had to pay was a tenner towards the Army Freefall Association (or something like that). Quality!
  6. We did this as a Squadron several years ago, it was put to everyone on orders and I think we got about 24 volunteers in the end, we had a lot of infantry and other unit personnel join us on day one, the course is excellent and fairly relaxed, like cutaway82 says above, it is very much dependent on the weather/wind speeds, we managed to get 9 jumps in over the 2 weeks as we had a lot of bad weather but were free to do our own thing on those days so we did Stone Henge/Wood Henge etc. a friend of mine was currently with the Army Parachuting Team, he turned up for a few days to help on the instruction side and was the instructor who sent us all out the door for our first jump 8O

    Anyone reading this from any unit, if you are wondering what to do for adventure training I couldn't recommend it more highly, it is excellent and gets everyone wanting to do more and and add to their jumps card.
  7. Dont bother with RAPS. Its a pain in the arrse, and soul destroying if you go unstable on any freefall jumps and get shafted back to statc line. AFF is the way forward, the link to Active Skydiving is the way forward, Ive heard fantastic things about the courses they run.
  8. Yeah, sounds like the one I did. Nearly (but not quite) as relaxed as the Mortar Pl Cdr's cse! Well worth it for a tenner. :D
  9. We might have been on the same one box-of-frogs, though I suspect not as we did ours back in about 96 or 97. We only had two on the whole course who needed to pull their reserve, one line over and the other a candle I think!
  10. It's also worth contacting the Army Teams: Black Knights, Red Devils, Golden Lions, Tigers, etc. They often run (ran, I may be a little out of date) AFF expeds for various units including TA units that may have spaces. More expensive than RAPS but you will be jumping solo after eight (ish) jumps.
  11. I was doing some research on this for a possible adv trg package for a weekend doing just a one off jump, as stated above I found that individual corps/reg teams are cheaper:

  12. Interesting to hear the points about RAPS vs AFF. I'm going to try and go down the adv trg route.
  13. I'm biased. I did RAPS. Completed in 27 jumps so still about £1k cheaper than AFF.

    It's a shitload cheaper. It is pretty character building. Seeing sky-earth-sky -earth-sky-earth on on your early freefalls is terrifying. Sorting it out yourself is mega! You'll be hanging round the dropzone and get to meet loads of people everytime you turn up for a refresh. And you don't mind jumping out on low altitude jumps

    AFF v RAPS is a totally different argument really though. Check out ukskydiver.co.uk where its been done to death many times.