Rapist must be found new cell

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wheel, Aug 1, 2008.

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  1. From the BBC
    In my humble opinion he should be left in the cell to rot. He did not care about his victims human rights why should he be given any.
    Outrage bus anyone

    Rapist 'must be found new cell'
    A judge has ordered that a near-blind and disabled rapist should be found a different cell because of the convict's squalid conditions behind bars.

    Multiple sclerosis sufferer Leonard Treacher was jailed in July 2006 for eight years for a string of sex crimes.

    London's High Court heard that he was put in a standard cell which did not comply with disability requirements.

    Treacher also complained that he had to wash dishes and empty his commode into the same sink.

    He was convicted of a string of sex offences, including multiple rapes, against two young girls.

    He was initially sent to a normal cell at Hull Prison, but launched a legal bid to force Justice Secretary Jack Straw to provide him with a special cell.

    After two High Court hearings, he was moved to Whatton Prison, in Nottingham, where disabled cells were said to be available.

    This case must be considered at a senior level within the Ministry of Justice so that a search can be made for appropriate accommodation

    Mr Justice Blake, High Court judge

    However, Treacher, aged in his 50s and formerly of Winchester Avenue, Grimsby, returned to court on Thursday, claiming that his new accommodation is inhumane and squalid.

    Among other things, he says he is required to use a commode, then empty it in the same sink in which he washes his dishes.

    Mr Justice Blake said: "Treacher's expectations of a significant change of circumstances have been disappointed.

    "The cell is an ordinary cell with some modifications, but not the sort of facilities which would comply with his requirements for a specially-adapted disabled cell.

    "There is poor access to the toilet facilities and the need for him to use a commode and empty the contents into the same sink where he washes and washes his dishes. The cell remains defective.

    "This case must be considered at a senior level within the Ministry of Justice so that a search can be made for appropriate accommodation, if it is available anywhere in England and Wales, to be allocated to Treacher."

    He adjourned the case until after 14 October to allow time for his directions to be complied with.
  2. Everyone in life has a chance. - give it to Dale or Org.
  3. Anyone feel symapthy for this filth? I sure as heck don't and I'm sure his victims and their families aren't overly concerned with his level of comfort.
  4. I'd give him a new cell and a job............mine clearance expert. Extremely simple job description

    "walk in a straight line if you go bang tough sh1t"
  5. Give him digs in the TOWER OF LONDON
  6. let him rot.

    besides, in plenty of messes i have been in, I have washed my dishes, shaved and brushed my teeth in the same receptacle in the corner of the room. surely there must be others out there like me? or am i on my own?!
  7. Regret to inform you all that the outrage bus is fully booked, however due to the exceptionally high demand we are hoping to put on more
  8. if you can't do the time....
  9. There is no question of his guilt, so just slot the cnut. He dosn't have to suffer in a standard cell, and his victims get justice. Win-win situation.
  10. Bring back hanging.

    Why should my taxes go towards funding a roof over his head and food in his belly.

    Outraged, geerrrrrr, I’m off to sh1t my pants in frustration now.
  11. Good! As it should be.

    A fair reflection of his behaviour, IMO.
  12. Its outrageous.
    This man should not be kept in these terrible conditions, its inhumane.

    He should simply have been taken to a convenient place and strung up.
    That would be humane to his victims. It would save the taxpayer a fortune but most of all it would simply be justice.
  13. Before he rots in Hell he should rot in his cell. End of

    Is there still room on the bus?
  14. What is this thing you humans call..."sympathy" :?

    As to the matter of his cell, if he finds it difficult coping on his own, simply place him in a cell with "normal" prisoners who, I'm sure, will provide him with all the help he could ever need... :twisted:
  15. I thinkhe is within his rights to demand a new cell. He should then be re-located to a new cell, with a cellmate weighing 300lbs, called Bubba, who is fond of chocolate speedway action. Dry. Repeatedly.