Rapist gets 14 years

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cpunk, Sep 15, 2005.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    The stupidity and brutality of maggots like this are astonishing. If you ask me, the judge missed out a bit from his sentence: "Fourteen years inside and have your knackers ripped off with a pair of wooden salad forks..."
  2. If this had been my Daughter/Wife/Sister I think I would have to get the black and decker out, may even get some fluids into him, just to make sure he didn't jack in and die on me. Cnut!
  3. What a monster, 14yrs doesn’t seam long enough.
    He’ll be out by the time he’s 37, maybe sooner with good behaviour. For a crime like that he should be castrated (chemically or surgically) or given a life sentence.

    I hope he gets to learn all about rape while he’s in prison.
    If there’s any justice in the world he’ll be walking like John Wayne by the time he’s released.
  4. If there was any justice he'd be facing death......

    His victim will be counting the days until he's released......

    She'll never sleep soundly again......

    She'll carry him in her every day, waiting and fearing him, knowing he is alive and that one day she might look up in a bar and see him looking across at her.....

    This man has taken her life, she should have the right to ask that his be taken.

  5. You’re right but sadly we don’t have the death penalty anymore.

    People like that are degenerates with no value to or place in society.
    He’s not safe to ever be allowed to walk the streets again. I believe that people who commit crimes of that magnitude should be put to death for three reasons

    1) To give his victim piece of mind.
    2) To spare society the burden of paying to support him for the rest of his miserable life
    3) To free up prison space for criminals who can be rehabilitated and are worth rehabilitating.

    Sadly it’s just not an option.
  6. Horrible though rape is, if we had the death sentence for it there would be absolutely no disincentive to the rapist for killing his victim. After all, dead dames don't talk.

    I hope he finds prison life very "educational".
  7. Firehorse the psychology of rape and that of murder are very different, one is a crime of control and one of violence, may seem the same, but certainly is not.

    The act and the fact his victim lives with the knowledge of his power turn on the rapist; he revisits the act in his mind and is turned on by the control he continues to exert.

    The murderer is excited by the death of his victim.

    Many rapists who go too far and kill show great remorse.

    So while you may feel dead dames don't talk you're way off base on what a deterrent death as a penalty would be.

    Also the reformation of rapists is so low as to ensure they are still a danger after their tariff is served. You can't tell an individual to change their sexual triggers. It just doesn't work.

    He probably will find our penal system educational, if he applies himself he’ll leave with a book deal a masters and a job secured for him by his ‘staff’ of individuals who’s aim is his reintroduction into society from his first day in the system.

  8. There may be much in what you say. However, I don't think that by giving an offender one label the others are necessarily excluded. Many murderers enjoy torturing their victims, thereby exerting control and rape can be used as a form of torture. In this instance, the crime was very much one of violence. When a murderer exults at the death of his victim is he celebrating their demise or his power in having had control of the situation to the point of ending their life? If the boundaries on this aren't blurred I would own myself surprised.

    Do the rapists who have killed and subsequently felt remorseful also regret the rape?
  9. I suspect he'd find the noose around his neck pretty educational too!

    The prospect of being strangled/having his neck snapped by his own weight might ensure that he wouldn't have contemplated rape anyway; murder has become more common since the death penalty was abolished

    Albert Pierrepoint (?spelling?) reckoned he could judge a man's weight to the last ounce and adjust the drop to ensure a clean neck break...

    ....Personally, Albert, I think there's such a thing as being too professional!
  10. The ultimate is the death, and I would still call for the death penalty whether torture or not was included in the crime. Life for a life.

    My understanding is he's programmed in a manner that the act of death is his trigger. Many sexually motivated murders result in ejaculation at the point of death or soon after, much evidence suggests that many victims 'survive' due to their attacker achieving orgasm before they die and their death not being sexually necessary (again the dead dames don't talk theory hit on the head)

    Others view rapists who graduate to murder as the natural progression of control, what is the best manner to control these? Well the death of the offender at the first offence. What if this man re-offends? What if he is released and decides to hunt down his victim and rape her again. Have we punished and protected her to the best of our ability as a society?

    No, the rapist that 'accidentally' kills generally regrets the death, he sees his need for sexual release as of greater importance than the victims physical and personal safety, he doesn't view his act as a crime, more of a normal sexual practice. The hunt, the chase, the rape, the escape. Normal. The death is an accident, he may even view it in the same manner a cheating husband or wife would view being caught out. That minor.

    Sorry if it sounds clinical, but it is. Divorcing the fact this is a person is, IMHO the only way to allow society to do what it should to these monsters.

  11. Oddly enough, he was also against the death penalty...
  12. Chain Gangs

    Maybe we sould take a leaf out of this US law enforcement project and treat lowlife's as they should be treated!
  13. I'm an "other". Surely having the death sentence for a first offence of rape could lead to a hastening of the graduation, ie rape and murder as the first offence?

    Don't get me wrong....I have absolutely no desire to see the life of these scum preserved, I just have a nasty feeling that unless there is a lesser tarriff for rape than for murder we might be exacerbating the problem.
  14. I believe the message sent is as important as the actual punishment. If you take societies laws and disregard them then you forfeit the right to exist as an unpunished individual.

    Many believe life should mean life, I agree, if you take a life you should forfeit your life.

    A rapist has taken a life, their victim is altered in a way that they will never fully recover from, their lives are changed, altered and destroyed to an extent they're not the person they where before the crime.

    Should I be advocating the system of victim statement and influence of punishment? No, I think not, I think it's incomprehensible to allow one victim whom maybe unable to marry himself or herself to the taking of a life to condemning another to the role of victim if the rapist is released into society.

    A set tariff for each offence, no judges discretion? I wonder what the broader belief is......

  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Pierrepoint was a bullsh1tter. He actually jacked his hand in as the executioner over a dispute about being paid for a hanging that was cancelled at the last minute. He acquired a conscience when he needed a hook to sell his memoirs.