Rapist Copper is an ex-Squaddie with "form"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PoisonDwarf, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. He is obviously a complete idiot, shagging heroin addicts/toms; usually the same thing. Hope he has a right laugh inside even if he is on the rule. The media will love this especially marxist 4.
  2. So sad. so very sad! The death penalty is not available to despatch this sub-human, sub-animal filth to an after-life of indeterminate existence of pain.

    Instead, those of us who 'bother to work' and 'pay taxes', will be obliged to feed it, clothe it and house it for the remainder of its days.

    Currently, these costs amount, for a mega-turd such as this filth, to about £50,000 to £60,000 per annum. Imagine how much of your mates taxes have to go to pay for this filth? That brand new private and his tax - the tax swallowed up without a gulp to pay for this immeasurably awful excremental excrescence!

    Of course, if through a shortage of staff, the filth was to meet with a sad and unfortunate fatal accident, the savings would be considerable.

    Conclusion: Restore the Death Penalty and expand those crimes that would attract it!
  3. This site has become infested with bleeding heart liberals.
  4. Thank **** he wasn't an ex lorry driver as well

  5. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    This is the bit that confused me

    Two life sentences is now a measly 7 years?
  6. Seconded. The birds were gagging for it
  7. Give me time mate..............I won't let you down.
  8. The skag or the rough love?
  9. Sure all soldiers are brown skinned baby killing bastards, whats raping a white girl in context.
  10. Can't be right, surely? I know at least one person i'd happily dispatch in exchange for 3.5 years in prison.
  11. With any luck (and there's a good chance of this) he managed get himself some Hep C whilst shagging the users as 80% of users have it and it is VERY easy to catch. (It's been proven to spread through 2 week old dried blood & also through users drawing their gear from the same spoon). A Community drugs worker where I work said the treatment for Hep C is similar to cancer, so he might die yet!

    Obviously he doesn't just prey on the weak, he's a knob due ot the fact he's knobbing drug users! What do you think they'll make of him in prison??!!
  12. Doesn't work like that for Life and IPP sentences (99 year sentence with minimum tariff) like it does for others where you're automatically released after 1/2 sentence. He has to serve a minimum of 7 years before he's eligible to be considered for parole. It's a bit baffling that the tariff seems low, however, if they don't ever consider him suitable for release, i.e. not a danger he'll spend the rest of his time inside.