Raping Prostitutes - help settle an argument

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TerryFukWit, Jun 9, 2010.

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  1. Could any of the Plod on arrse help settle an argument me and my friend had down at the pub today.

    I say that you can rape prostitutes like any other women. However my mate said it is not rape and that raping a prostitute falls under robbery, as it is merely taking goods forceably without paying.

    Theres a fiver riding on this.
  2. You've lost your fiver.

    I will now pay a crisp five English pounds for someone to assault you.

  3. Class

  4. Just pay the £40 it will be cheaper in the long run.
  5. Go and collect your fiver.

    Try using that as a defence and you are going to find yourself convicted for rape every day of the week.

    Just because a woman chooses to sell herself (moral arguments about choice aside), then it doesn't mean you can just rock up and take what you want.
    Even if there is a morally dodgy transaction, then she still chooses to go with a punter. She has to say yes to the act.

    There is a twisted logic in your mates opinion, but I don't think the courts rely on twisted logic.
  6. It could also be obtaining services by deception, you agreed a fee and then refused to pay, clearly not rape as she consented or it could also be making off without payment.

    Theft Act 1978
  7. Oh and I've just noticed we're in the NAAFI so...............

    Dry bumming still counts.
  8. Try putting in their skull's with a clow hammer, it's much more fun. Especially if you make the 1st blow a little weak more screams! :twisted:
  9. You'll be telling me that she could get done for receiving swollen goods next. Oldies but goldies....
  10. You could try pinching her nose closed until she swallows the evidence.
  11. Amature, real men use a ball-peen.
  12. Throwing a bit of dettol or bleach up her helps aswell.
  13. Assault with a friendly weapon.......
  14. If you really think about it, prostitution and dating are pretty much the same thing. The difference is the cost, method of payment, and guarantee of deliverables.

    Therefore a crime against a prostitute is the same against any other person.

    Besides, if they are off duty, then what?