Rapier to Libya?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by django_strikes, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. I was just catching up on some reading of Aviation Week & Space Technology (I do need to keep abreast of technology...that's my excuse for reading geek weekly), when I saw the following in the 4th june edition:

    "The UK and Libya are discussing the sale of the MBDA Rapier/Jernas point-defense surface-to-air missile system to Tripoli. Details of the discussions emerged last week during a visit by Prime Minister Tony Blair to Libya."

    Eh? How does that work? I know they apologised for being bad in the past and volunteered to join the coalition against terrorism, but I thought only the French sold kit to the "bad guys"?

    Am I being extremely naive, or will this really go through?

    Or maybe we will install a special code in case we ever need to "overfly" Libya in a menacing way? :wink:
  2. Well we wanted to find another mug to buy it. No idea how they are going to build it after all this time though. I wonder if we're going to sell them some of ours?
  3. My mate's got a full FSB set, c/w 101 tractors and a slack handful of 'rockets'. He'll be showing them off at the Great Dorset Steam (Drinking) Fair this week, if anyone from the Libyan Trade Delegation want to see what they're getting for their sheckels.
  4. I fancy that would be an outcry if the Russians sell their missiles to Libya.
  5. Why, you sell them to Iran
  6. You highlighted my point. If it is right to sell the missiles to Libya then why it is wrong to sell them to Iran?
  7. Hmmm, when one of those country's (give you a clue, it aint Libya) threatens to wipe another country (Israel, a country you seem to be very fond of) off the face of the planet, then yes I would say it was wrong - but you crazy ruskies seem to have other ideas
  8. Lybia has ended it's support for international terrorism, surrendered its WBD and missile program for inspection, and is undergoing slow political and economic reform, all be it that real hope rests with whoever takes over after Gaddaffi. In effect, they switched sides. While I wouldn't endorse weapons sales myself, makes more sence than sales to Iran.
  9. The Rapier has been around for about 30 years and is not a new bit of kit by any means.
  10. Except that it is on the 3rd generation (Field Standard 'C') - a completely new system from that of the mid-70s (FSA).

    Bear in mind that the export version 'Jernas' is not the same as that used by us and this 'news' is not as alarming as it might appear at first sight.
  11. I'm sure the yanks will be pleased as Rapier can allegedly track stealth.
  12. No, I am not sure it can - I am pretty sure that when the Rapier "tracked" Stealth at an air show, the F-117 had it's Friend or Foe identifier box attached - what it uses when it's not being stealthy to let ATC track it and stuff.

    My point on the Rapier was that it seemed bizarre for us to sell it to Libya, but maybe no-one else is buying? Maybe they're all jolly nice blokes after all...
  13. Jernas is a derivation of Rapier FSC albeit with some extra bells and whistles, and what do you think will happen to all the kits that the RAF have given up? Rapier can detect stealth and pound for pound is second to none as a short range AD system.....if your aircraft is targetd within a Rapier matrix it's going to be very bad news! That US stealth aircraft was 'seen' using the active surveillance radar........they'd give their eye teeth for that kind of technology.
  14. :?: So it does work :?: