Rapier Maintainers Reunion

Discussion in 'REME' started by Howlingmad, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. Could not make it this year, logged into my grapefruit (can't afford a blackberry) for next year. How did it go who was there, or more importantly who was conspicious by their absence??
  2. So it was cancelled. You would think that someone would have let that little secret out of the bag. What went wrong, did you leave it to a Radar tiffy to organise???
  3. Well knowing the two guys who were organising it, Im guessing it was cancelled as there was a lack of response. That was certainly the case when I tried to organise an ECE reunion.

    Phoning every man jack in the radar world to let them know that it is off isn't really a good use of their time!
  4. Dearie me, what is the world coming to. An ECE defending Radar Techs, hhmmmm before you know it we will have Reccy Mechs giving out crates to everyone they tug out of a hole!!!!!
  5. Howling Mad - "You cannot be serious" :D More chance of the Rachet Necks organising a mass fight/naked bar on Recy camp. Now those were the days when they were really wild.

    Sorry to hear that the reunion went down the pan, too many people find it easy to ignore these events.

  6. Ah but I was at the last Rapier maintainers do!
  7. Does that mean the last one ever, or the last one to be held.

    And if we are trying to score points I was at the first Instrument Tiffies Reunion!!!!
  8. What, you think you get points for that?!! ;)
  9. Has the event been binned entirely or will there be another attempt next year?

    And is there a mailing list for it? I've not managed to get to one since I changed over to light-blue.