Rapid Response Despatch Rider query.

Hi all,

I have a boring recruitment question and I'm hoping that I have a) POSTED IN THE RIGHT PLACE and b) Not asked a fundamentally silly question, if so then sorry :judge:

As hard as I try I cannot seem to find any info on becoming a Rapid Response Despatch Rider, I read an article in a forces magazine describing the work of the Despatch Riders and ever since I have always had that particular occupation in the back of my mind.

Now I am of age to sign up (16) I am desperately searching to find any info I can about the job i.e. The importance of the role in the modern army compared with it's importance in past years, whether it is considered to be a good job and the TYPE of roles the Despatch Rider will carry out?

I went to my local careers office in Brighton and although I asked about Ammunition Technician, OPMI etc I totally forgot to ask about the Despatch Rider job. So any information will be extremely appreciated.

Many Thanks in advance.

P.S. after seeing the many creative roastings carried out by ARRSERS on many recruitment questions, I am hoping that I will not fall victim to the exceptional wit possessed by you all?

(yes i am being sycophantic in order to avoid a roasting)
you could join the Royal Signals and apply for the white helmets. If accepted you could take part in events featuring death defying stunts.

Go on who's first to fix that for me?
Motorcycles are notoriously difficult to make mine-proof!


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No strictly true. RMPs still have marked bikes.
Don't happen to know if all those old Armstrongs and Harleys have finally been sold off do you ? I need a new bike !

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Is there not a ceremonial squadron akin to the old 238 that uses PAN's or has that been scrapped as well?
I think so. The HCMR dont have them anymore either. Cat A licence acquistion is no longer conducted at DST as there is no requirement. All required training is carried out under CDT and I think there is only one up and running contract in the UK I believe.

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