Rapid Drink Driving Legal Advice Needed

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by trickywoo56, Jun 25, 2005.

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  1. Right, mate outside my house on my motorcycle's just been taken away for DD. He's not a biker and has been banned twice before. The evidence is that he was seen by a traffic cop - which he was but is it evidence? Is there anything I can do to ameliorate the situatuion?
  2. OK. Now I can type slower.

    Please don't reply to the above simply with abuse. It wasn't me riding the bike.

    Yes, I know he's an idiot.

    Yes, I know it's some sort of offence to lend a bike to a drunk.

    These things I don't need - a wily legal brain I do.

  3. I hope he never drives again.
  4. That was helpful.

    Did he fail a breath test? If so and the Policeman can prove he used the bike under the influence I think he will be losing his licence again.

    Was he stopped on the bike? I assume from your post that he wasn't.

    I don't think that the Policeman needs any other witnesses. His statement will probably be enough to prosecute if he has times recorded which if he does his job properly he will have.

    Can you give more information? To be honest it sounds like a fair cop.
  5. trickywoo56,

    This is a bit long winded but does contain some good advice for motorists.


    deleted a total waste of webspace

  6. OK. Once again for the hard of understanding - HE'S AND IDIOT.


    It was a indeed an entirely fair cop but I know from experience that the CPS and general legal infrastructure awards the guilty and wily whilst punishing silly sods like my mate.

    He was a gift for the plod. We live in a tiny villiage in Sussex. He rode straight past them having seen them from the walk back from the pub. He's an idiot.

    However, he was not stopped on the bike. When the police pulled up - as was obv. inevitable - I had already removed the keys and was backing the bike into the drive.

    Times recorded? He'd have had to be quick but West Ssx traffic do have a reputation.

    We'd about 7 each and were walking passed plod with the kids on our shoulders singing so it was a gift.
  7. Fùcking hell - youve admit he did it; scum.
  8. couldn't you just have posted the link?
  9. I'll give £5 to anyone who can actually read and decipher that.

    [In under 20 minutes]
  10. CCTA

    In what Fecking way was your post supposed to be of use? It's 2MB of the server and anyone who wants to read further will have to scroll down for 20 minutes.

  11. OK this is heading into nowhere all it will lead to is venom.
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