Rapes are serious problem in American armed forces.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, May 15, 2005.

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  1. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/05/06/AR2005050601355.html

    According to Washington Post

    So rapists in American military uniform know that probability to be jailed is very low.

    Why do you think 'Joint Task Force on Sexual Assault Prevention and Response' was created by Pentagon? Probably because there are too many rapists in US army.

    As to British army (also RAF and RN), then I believe that this problem is not actual. I suppose that rapes committed by British military are very rare (if ever took place in recent years).

    Why do you think situation is so different in American and British armies?

    PS. I'm unaware about cases of rape in British army. But if you have any information about it them I'm ready to change my position.
  2. I do not know how recent the interview was but there were six female USAF cadets (some now ex-cadets) whom came forward to speak about their sexual assaults whilst in their academies. They were all first years and according to what they said they were attacked by more senior cadets whilst on USAF property. Other seniors knew what was occurring but chose to side with the perpetrators or assist in covering up the incident. When the women eventually came forward they were not only victimised but threatened by the chain of command and finally had charges laid against them (fraternisation, sex on base, drinking on base etc), often as a result of the information given in their statement about the assault, and then expelled from the academy. The perpetrators went unpunished as the charges were deemed "not able to be proven to a sufficient standard in this case due to a lack of corroborative witness statements". The investigations into the allegations were conducted internally, usually solely by the base commander, and their decision to have the allegations investigated further was their decision alone. Part of the problem, according to the women, was that the system in these academies was geared towards ensuring incidents were kept silenced and that anyone speaking out would result in not only the individual being punished but their entire squadron also. There were also threats of "consequences" to the careers of the women if they continued to press for further investigation into their assault(s).
  3. http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/1978136/detail.html


    Ruth was raped (as many other women). So can we regard American Army as professional army of rapists?
  4. Hey Komrade, give it a rest already...NO Army is perfect and trying to compare rapes in the American Army and what occurred during WWII is not possible.

    Atrocities, HUGE ones were committed by Soviet forces, during WWII. Period, end of story. Argue, fight, hold your breath until you turn blue, however it won't change history. Its nice you stand up for your country and all, however, the BS is getting really old...

    Let it go already.
  5. Sergey
    Disinformationska is sooo eighties don't you think??

    How many conscript recruits to the Russian Armed Forces are sodomized annually? No, it's not a misprint, I mean "each year"...
  6. Dear Cuddles!

    How many? I think that probably no one. Maybe there are few isolated cases but unlikely. In Russian military tradition homosexualism is a great sin. Fate of homosexualists in Russian army is sad. They could be severely beaten and anyway they would be obstructed.

    Moreover, homosexualists have right not to be in the Russian army.

    "Echo of Moscow" is well-known and very popular pro-Western radio station. Colin Powel, ms.Rice, mr.Straw gave interviews to this radio then they visited Moscow.


  7. Fully agree. It is impossible to compare. So let's forget in this thread about Red army. There is another thread in historical part of this Forum to discuss all related problems.

    But comparison with modern British army is a fair question. Why do you think situation in British army is more, more better than in American one?

    I would be very pleased to hear your answer.
  8. Because our women are more, more uglier.
  9. IF it's true it would suggest that there's a problem with the ethos that these cadets are being indoctrinated with and a distinct lack of personal integrity and - dare I say it - honour.

    Oh and KGB how many Russian cadets end up dead in training these days and have they discovered the miraculous invention that are socks yet?
  10. Apparently a fair few:

  11. Technically...the U.S. Air Force...is no longer a part of the U.S Army.
    These 'cadets' are USAF. 'Aim High'
  12. Quote:
    Why do you think situation in British army is more, more better than in American one?

    are army women defo more uglier.!!
  13. Why does this sergey fellow pop up all the time , He is a very serious bloke is'nt he . Sergey go away you dont have the humour to be here .
  14. just keep it serious-ish<<<notice it says seoruis ish

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  15. Sergei even responds in total seriousness when I'm clearly ripping the pish! It's great fun Sergei baiting!