Rape victim begged for EIGHT minutes before being thrown off bus for being 20p short.

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Tragedy, though to imply the Bus Driver was complicit and her fellow passengers less than empathetic is a stretch. The outrage should be fully directed at the scumbag who raped and assaulted the young woman.
As usual in this society, its always someone elses fault, and the finger of blame comes out. Its not the rapist's fault because he had ever such a tough upbringing and his missus wasn't answering her phone, and its not the girl's fault that she was 20p short of a fare, the bus driver should have let her on (and subjected himself to disciplinary?) or the passengers should have given her the excess fare (maybe they didn't have the excess fare between them?).

Of course, its all too easy to sit here and look back and say 'this should have happened', 'that should have happened', but hindsight is a wonderful thing. No one is to blame here apart from the scumbag who couldn't control himself, everything else is merely a series of unfortunate events that culminated in rape.


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Personally I'd like to think that the streets were safe for a 22 year old woman to walk home even at 3am. Not because people are nice (they clearly fucking aren't) but because the fear of the consequences keeps the bad people from doing bad things. I'd LIKE to think that but know its never going to happen...
Why is his ethnicity an issue?

Would you have said the same if he was white?
Do keep up. It's a surprise he wasn't muslamic, or was he? His type often do convert in prison :wink:
Iti s shocking, but 20p may just simply not have been had.

I'd like to think I had been the driver, I'd have let her on regardless. That part of Nottingham isn't very nice... students next to scum. South of the Forest where whe was raped is another forest, where druggies like to hang out and drug up. Only a few hundred metters.

I like the pragmatic police comment... essentially, don't blame the driver or the otehr passengers, blame the rapist. (fair enough) but then to suggest someone was going to get raped that night anyway...

For 20p (i am not sure of the route) could she have not got at least part way there for the fee?

Bus Drivers are usually very nice blokes when they are allowed to be... as the ones that I met on my R&R proved.
"Damn, 20P short? Well can I have the stop before? Thanks"
That was my first reaction when the event was originaly reported, especially as she rang mum to come to get her .... meeting more than half way a good option.

The guilty scrote is not being punished enough.
Sensationalist rubbish. Had the bus driver let her on someone else may well have been raped in her place. She did not have the fare so he didn't let her on. His actions were perfectly reasonable and in no way connect him to the subsequent crime. He probably has drunk students trying to blag a free ride every night of the week. It would be different if she had been the victim of an attack before trying to get on the bus and was asking for help.

The blame for the rape lies squarely with the rapist. The blame for the young woman being in the unfortunate position that she was was lies squarely with a student who spent her bus fare on something else (drink we may assume). Leave the bus driver (and other passengers) out of it.


Any sensible cunt on the bus would have quite quickly come to the these fundamental conclusions:

a: It's 3am. She's been partying, and possibly drunk. Therefore may well put out.

b: 20p is an easy opening icebreaker. "Hi love, here's 20p. Going far? What's your name"

From there on in it's a bit of drunken chat on the nightbus, possibly a fuck but probably a phone number. It'd also save you watching someone for 8 minutes whilst you sit there bored.

Fucking homos.

Or she's ugly.
I'd also suggest that if I gave 20p to everyone around here who asked for it, for "A bus fare", the local Crack dealer/off licence would be very happy.

Edited for fairness, its drunks as well as druggies..
I would have given her 20p, cos she is a wench. That is unless she was a fat bitch with a tache. I may have scored brownie points to and got a "coffee" out of it.

That said, the cunt who raped her and others like him should be shot. I can see him getting sympathy because he is black and it wasn't his fault but his victims as she was there.
So according to the daily heil a bus driver who was just doing his job should be haunted forever because a crime happened that was totally unrelated to himself. Such quality bullshit from the nations most tedious shitrag.
3 am in Nottingham...

If I was teh bus driver 20p be damned it would be like the last heli out of Saigon.

A few years ago, to be sure, my to be wife fell asleep on the bus, missed her stop. She just filled out a slip with her name and address, which was put in the cash register. And was allowed to continue her journey cash free.

Has this been stopped?
RW are you serious? Or was that a really bad attempt at sarcasm?
Let's be honest, it wasn't as if people were walking past her being raped and just hurryig by...

but for 20 fucking pence.
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