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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fish-head, Nov 21, 2005.

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  1. The news tonight had a story about attitudes towards rape.

    Are women you dress provocatively asking for it?
  2. I am never going to flirt with you again Fishy :(
  3. Youll do as you are told, Poopy.
  4. I'll take that as a no then pops!
  5. 8O Do you have a new career as a dresser, Fishy? :?
  6. The results were amazing!

    If a guy gets drunk while wearing a pair of shorts, a T-shirt and a pair of open-toe shoes in July then decides to go around the back of a skip for a slash on his way home then gets jumped and gang raped I wonder if they would have decided he was asking for it, and if so how?

    What did he do that was an invitation to the attackers?

    His immoral dress sense? His provocative footwear? His disregard for his safety?

    Just wondering.......

  7. Do you go round the back of a pub for a slash on the way home then beebs?

    Its not called Rape, its called either supprise sex, or pronouced say it Rap hey.

    Next youll be saying me taking my claw hammer when i go dating is immoral!!
  8. The way the survey was badly done and some of the assumptions taken from the results really annoy me.

    For a start, if the reports on the news are even a little correct, the questions asked were does flirting/dressing provocitivly/Being drunk mean that w woman was either 'slightly or completley' responsible for the rape. It should have asked seperate questions for completely responsible and slightly responsible. After all, many people would think that a woman who was flirting and wearing next to nothing would be more likely to get raped than a woman who was just being friendly and dressed more conservetivly. But in this survey, if you said they may be partly responsible it went down as a vote for completely responsible..... which it wasn't.

    Also, after such a dodgy survey, there are people on the news declaring that everyone in the CPS and Police are in the 1/3 of people that say that the woman is responsible! Quoting the poor conviction figures as proof!

    Now women should be allowed to go out and have a good time without haviing the risk of being attacked. So should men, even if the kind of attack is different. But to say the Police are not willing to convict on rape charges because they are on the side of the men is wrong.

    Surely they can only convict if there is enough evidence to do so safely? What else are they supposed to do? Make up evidence because "she said he did it and we'll have to go with that"? Without the right evidence nobody should be convicted of anything. You should be asking victims to come forward earlier rather than blame the police and the justice system for being 'institutionally sexist'.
  9. Over here we have had a couple of cases of blokes being done for raping prostitutes. Shouldn't the correct charge be shoplifting?

  10. Is that a promise?
  11. I'll go along with PP on this, in my opinion a very dodgy survey which produced the expected and probably hoped for result. I'd even go a bit further and say that this survey fits into the atmosphere at the moment where responsibility is taken away from the individual.

    The way a person acts and behaves sends out messages to others that's part of the way we communicate and there are times and places where certain types of dress and behaviour would not be wise. There are certain areas on the west side of the Irish sea where I would very seriously consider not wearing a U.J. T-shirt for example. I am definately not defending any rapist, however a bit of common sense never hurt anyone did it?
  12. You wouldn't try and advocate common sense on the subject of polotics in a west Belfast pub would you? That is a case where a bit of common sense really could hurt! 8O
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I'm getting bloody fed up with this.

    Something needs to be done RIGHT NOW about these gangs of predatory yummies that prowl for innocent young chaps like myself to have a beer or three, then force me to perform for hours on end. There's a finite limit to the number of dorii I want to service a night.

    It's enough to drive a bloke to drink...
  14. Back of The Feathers again this evening then Cuts? ;)

    Beebs & Co
  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Feathers ?

    No, I only go for the complete turkey.