Rape shown on You Tube.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. The Sun reports.

    A mother was drugged and raped for 14 hours, IN FRONT OF HER 2 AND 4 YEAR OLD CHILDREN. By a bunch of teenagers. The Teens were brought round to her house by a neighbour, one drink later and she was parlysied.

    She didn't report the rape, from November, but fortunatly the scum who carried out the attack decided to put a film of the attack (made on a mobile phone) on You Tube, which includes their faces.

    The Police are expecting arrests imminently.

    Is there not a requirement for the death penalty in this country?

    I can only hope all 6 go down for a long time.
  2. Maybe the CPS will save money and jail space by having them 'told off very firmly', FFS. Cut their phuckin dicks off so they can never pollute the gene pool.
  3. 14-16 years old? Chances are they have already produced several offspring via the medium of chavettes. Hang the little slugs!
  4. maybe they will show the execution on "you tube" i can only wish !.....
  5. We all know what the ultimate outcome of this will be.

    The 'kids' will end up on 'all expenses paid, holidays' somewhere hot and sunny to 'reform' them. Excuses will be made about their violent / abusive childhood and how its all not their fault.

    Ultimately, nothing will happen to the kids that commited the offense and the woman concerned will get absolutely no support, being left to deal with the trauma on her own.
  6. This country is morally bankrupt. I'm getting the fcuk outta here. :(
  7. Just when you think you've heard it all, and you think society can't stoop any lower, BAM! Something like this comes along and turns your stomach. And you can't help but be cynical and think that the innocent will pay and the guilty will walk free.

    BTW, hang the little feckers. Don't mess around thinking up nasty ways for them to go, just get them out of our gene pool asap.
  8. You're right PuD, instant death, get it done before bleading heart Inc blame the victim.
  9. with any luck that somewhere hot and sunny will be Afghanistan.
  10. Would you really want them in alfghan? Send them to Bad lads and see if they think what they done was clever. Or even better jail the little shites.
  11. I'm amazed no one has posted a link yet.....

    I'll get my own coat
  12. Just drop them off in the middle somewhere, with all their bling, mobile phones etc and see how long they last. Could we keep a watch on them from a UAV and broadcast the results on youtube?

  13. I would Offer to Post a full box of 200 link through their warm and still twiching chav scum bodies. :twisted: Care to hold the belt Nish?
  14. Like the thinking, anyway we can make money out of it too. Donated to a good cause we have a win - win :roll:
  15. I heard on the news this morning that Jack Straw (Justice Minister) is asking magistrates to refrain from sending people to prison as the prisons are full.
    It is also important to spread democracy so that other in the World can live like us.

    Some aspects of Sharia Law are beginning to be appealing.