Rape - on a par with speeding!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lsquared, May 18, 2011.

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  1. What fvcking country is Clarke on?

    Rape is as bad and as awful a crime as any imaginable.

    I am a dyed in the wool Tory, but this old, and failed, man MUST go!

    PS: I am a 70 year old man with all the NORMAL instincts!

    PPS: Clarke won't be sacked because he is in love with the European Soviet Union; and the Clegg-Cable 'cabal', currently running this leaderless administration, will not allow it!!
  2. Wot.......?
  3. Sixty

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    As I read it, Ken Clarke was saying that violently forcing yourself on someone was worse than a 17 year old sleeping with his 15 year old girlfriend who'd consented. Which seems fair enough and eminently sensible to me.

    But hey, top marks for shoe-horning in a reference to the EU even though it has no bearing on the story whatsoever.
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  4. That is a very christian view.... a sin is a sin........ all will not get you through the pearly gates!
    oh unless you repent of those sins!
  5. When did he say it was on a par with speeding?What he did say is some rapes are worse than others-seems like a fair point to me.
  6. On a par with speeding?! Surely speeding is worse!
  7. In this particular instance I think you have homed in on the cause of the anathema. It's not Clarke's stance on rape per se, but an opportunity to rail against one of the more pro-EU Tories.
  8. Is a sixteen year old lad having it of with a fifteen years eleven months old girl, with her full consent, rape?. I say no, the law says yes. What is your point Isquared?
  9. Sex with a girl under 16 used to be Unlawful Sexual Intercourse

    This has changed and is now rape even if she was a willing partner as an under 16 cannot consent in law.

    So technically you can rape someone who is busy fecking yer brains out! Funny old world
  10. Where does ******* rodents feature on the scale?
  11. He said it in a clumsy way, but Clarke is correct. The old fool.

    Miliband and womens/rape groups jumping on it. Storm in a teacup.
  12. Thats just animal cruelty unless the Rodent is a consenting partner and you have it in writing
  13. very messy
  14. If the rodents fist consenting partners in private, then it's not illegal. Having any part of a rodent, including its fists, inserted into any orifice while in a public lavatory is still an offence though, despite the best efforts of Lord Mandelson and Richard Gere to have the Sexual Offences Act 2005 amended.

    That'll be £856.25 for legal advice.

    Mariner QC
  15. Come on Isq, where is the speeding reference? Did Clarke say this? Or is this your hyperbole again?

    Why do you persist in trying to rabble rouse on Arrse by treating us like idiots? If you want to write in the style of a student newspaper or Socialist Worker why not try somewhere else?