Rape awareness

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by happybonzo, Nov 17, 2010.

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  1. From Yahoo home page today -

    Anyone got the tapes yet?
  2. I've got some of the hair still if you want to sniff it?
  3. Has she got one of these yet?

  4. Works both ways then - Next time I wake up hungover next to a mahooosive spunk bowser I can get her done for rape? :)
  5. What the fuck is that?

    Looks like fun.
  6. That would sting a bit.
  7. Can I juth thay that you thould find out if the'sh wearing one BEFORE doing cunnilinguth...
  8. 27 minutes - must have taken viagra
  9. Now, see....this is where it all goes wrong!! All the money spent on CCTV amounts to absoulutely nothing......

    Without sound, he can't prove he shouted SURPRISE!!!!
  10. Firstly, just for the record - I happily subscribe to the opinion that any bloke that rapes a woman should be forcefully castrated using a barely sharp butter knife.

    However... CC_TA does have a point. All too often blokes do wake up next to complete strangers without really knowing what the hell happened.
    Worst case could be an accusation of rape - with their name publicised for all to know.

    But there are women out there who will take advantage of a drunken bloke just as much as the other way around (albeit no where near as many). Some will even do everything in their power to get preggers (thank god for a kindly stranger who told me one night that the girl I was about to go home with was well known for saying "nah, I'm on the pill - no need for a condom mate" and was doing her best to get up the duff). I seem to remember a program a few years back called sperm bandits on the subject.
    (just googled it - came up with some interesting results, it was on C4 aparently)

    I know that for rape to be accused (in law), penetration has to have taken place, but surely there is some disparity here? I know that most blokes would be too embarresed to bring such an accusation, let alone believe the police would take it seriously - would any legal eagle like to comment?

    Edited to add: Just realised this is the NAAFI - I will try to keep the conversation in the gutter in future don't worry.
  11. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    statistics prove at least 50% of the people involved in rape quite enjoy the experience.
  12. Gang rape, the sport 9 out of 10 people enjoy.
  13. I was raped by a drunk man once... he force his black projectile into my brown tunnel and made me cry all night....