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To all former RAPC rugby players, to mark the 15th anniversary of the disbandment, the Corps will play the Army Vets in a finally Hurrah! Game will be at Worthy Down 1400hrs 27 Oct 2007. More details available from Det Comd QRH 94879 2426. Play or watch, a chance to meet up with old teamates and have a beer.
In my day the best team the RAPC could muster was at MCTC.
Light hearted dig at the number resident there from time to time
Very Funny............altough i can only recall one guy ever going there from the team! Anyway i have had about 6 replies from former members and 38 from serving guys so the reunion is well underway. Keep the quips coming funny boy.


Better than a 'gay, doing a womans job, fingers in the till, pay clerk', I suppose.
Thats a bit much, questioning one's sexuality...you should know better than that copper!
Anyway, if you hear from any ex RAPC rugby players please piont them in the right direction

Actually, wasn't one of the RAPC WOs attached to SIB H***** S****, a Corps Rugby player at one time? I'm sure he wore a tie of that nature.
In answer to both questions, yes Baz Barrett is still around and is coming to the game. The guy who worked for the SIB was Nigel Parker and he has not yet replied.
Ask Baz if he remembers Dave from 16 Regt RA I was Q 14 Bty when he was in the pay office, he probably doesent remember cos when we got together we always got pissed :D
Yes mate...the whole show less the two teams are being done by the hoods in Primrose and Blue. Col Drake and the legend that is Davie Cromar are doing things like polo shirts, scoff and beer! Come along and have a beer!
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