RAPC Pay Office-Ashton Under Lyne

I tried this in the AGC forum but I assume they are all too young to know the answer.

I am trying to piece together the missing bits of family history and part of this involves the officer's Pay Office at Ashton Under Lyne.

I am aware that it used to be in Pownall's Mill on Stockport Rd, Manchester (also known as Daisy Mill) which still exists but moved to Ashton Under Lyne around 1956. I am aware that it was behind Ladysmith Barracks (Manchester Regiment) but I am trying to locate the exact position. I think it is the site where a school now sits but some help would be appreciated.
Don't know if this helps

(Colonel Taylor) On property because this is relevant, this is not one of our properties but it is an MoD property in our patch, it is Rogers House in Ashton-under-Lyne which is the old Army pay office. That has been valued by various people to see whether or not it could be used for a PFI-type activity or whatever. We have been told because we have an interest in it as well that it has no real commercial interest. They have washed their hands of it. There is this great office block sitting there on the edge of Manchester which has no commercial value according to one of the major valuing companies here in London.

and this lot knocked it down


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So it is the land where the school is; the open land behind the school on Rose Hill Road all the way across to the derelict hard standings behind Hazlehurst Road.

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