Currently in charge of an RAP with a F.R unit, having great difficulty getting hold of the kit to do our job properly. At present hold no 341/342 modules and have so far been turned down for them. At present I believe that we cannot complete range cover etc effectively without these items. Perhaps I am in the wrong asking for the kit - can anyone shed any light on this matter?, are we are entiltled to it?. I want to have the correct kit so that we can do the job properly, there is kit here that has been "aquired" but I don't want to just paper over the cracks, as when the sh!t does start I want to be able to do the job properly. The highest rank here is full screw, there is no M.O and we don't work with the medcentre so I am finding it difficult to get any kit we require. After ny p!sstaking I would appreciate any help/info on any of these matters. Cheers.
I take it your Unit uses a garrison med centre as I’ve rarely seen a place where the RAP does not work in the med centre, as effectively the RAP is the deployable bit of the med centre.

What type of Unit are you working with? Where are you located? PM me if you do not want to give info on here.
no the med centre is completely civvy run, its a recce unit. We work down the med centre when they need medicals completing but hardly get any day to day clinical work. Quite a difficult posting to learn any new skills and keep up any old skills
I've just seen your other posts and think I've guessed the Unit you are in. Has your Unit just returned from Iraq?

I’m no longer a medic, but still work in the RAMC and I’m certainly no G4 guru but here goes.

I’m guessing you are scaled for a RAP? I know it sounds daft but some are not. Have you spoken to the QM? You need to get them to check the ET to see what modules you should be holding for peacetime and what your war entitlement is. Once you’ve done this you should be able to progress and get the modules although this may take time.

What brigade do you come under for OPCOM purposes? The SO2/3 Med there may be to help you out, if there is one of course.
we have the modules are far as the MET is tabled less those already stated, these I feel are the most important modules we should hold. The unit staff have been as helpful as they can be, and i believe they have done all within their powers, it is above regimental level that the problems are coming from. Also due OME and don't want to pretend to be deployable when it is quite obvious we are not.
If you are entitled to the modules on the ET but have not had them issued, highlight this on your OME. As long as you can show that the Unit and yourself have attempted to get the kit then you are in the clear. The OME is not there to try and catch you out, but can help you highlight any deficiencies/problems up the chain of command.

I take it 3(UK) div will be doing the OME?
There are a lot of problems with who we goto ref div etc, they are controlled by 2/3 different divs for different parts of life it may well be 3 but to be honest I'm not 100%. Thats one of the problems I need to highlight, lack of infomation due to be a full screw in charge and not a stripey. At the moment I dont believe that we can deploy as an RAP, I want to show this to the OME but without the risk of looking a cnut and upsetting the unit.
If you are where I think you are, for infrastructure purposes you are covered by the Div I work for and although we would carry out an audit on the Unit we do not cover the OME stage 1 & 2 as you fall under 3(UK) Div for that.

I know the lads who will form part of the OME team, they do stage 1 and will normally be accompanied by a SO2/3 Med from the Div who will undertake stage 2.

If you want some contact details PM me to confirm I have got your location right and I can give you some contact details.

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