raoul moat jokes

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by some_guy, Jul 10, 2010.

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  1. anyone got any raoul moat jokes?

    just to start us off

    raoul moat has had his facebook account deleted because he seems to have no face.
  2. That isn't 'Raoul Moat-ly' funny ;)
  3. farking hilarious :D
  4. Police have placed a cordon near Raoul Moat and his shotgun.

    Hopefully it's James Corden.
  5. Several helicopters, 2 fighter jets, 20 adapted rough terrain vehicles,
    40 snipers, the Army and the SAS on standby. Good job Raoul isn't
    recruited by Al-Qaeda or we would be screwed
  6. Never go drinking with a policeman. Three hours it took them to get the first round in.
  7. They think it's Raoul over ... it is now!
  8. Received this by text before Moaty offed himself, so it's not so accurate now but - "Man City have bid £45m for Raoul Moat, they don't know who he is but have heard that lots of people are chasing him."
  9. *Transfer news*

    Premiership relegation front-runners Newcastle United are close to signing RAOUL MOAT to play up front this season. When asked for his thoughts on the transfer the manager replied, "Well, we're looking for homegrown talent, and he is the only Geordie to have 3 shots on target and be wanted all over Europe".
  10. Apparently he's to be posthumously re-named Roal Drawbridge.. he couldn't get over himself.
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Cappello is thinking of using him in the next England game

    He had three more shots in 5 minutes than Rooney has for the last 4 games and he enjoys the lone man role
    Rumors that John Terry has gone into hiding "just in case" have not been substantiated by the F.A.
  12. If you pretend it's still Friday afternoon...

    What's the difference between Raoul Moat and Ashley Cole?
    Raoul Moat still gets into a Geordie bush at night.
  13. What the fuck was Gazza doing there? Everyone knows England players are shite in a shoot out
  14. What do Raoul Moat and this thread have in common?

    They'll both be buried asap.
  15. Kaching!

    *The message is too short* Fascist computer!