Raol Moat wannabe mong gets tasered by the filth

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pebbles015, May 9, 2011.

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  1. Dave Cawston tasered by police: 'I'll make Raoul Moat look like a fairy' | Mail Online

    Dave Cawston is alleged to have said he would 'make Raoul Moat look like a f****** fairy'

    Reporter Tom Wells then said he asked if he felt like Moat, who killed his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend Chris Brown and blinded PC David Rathband.

    He allegedly responded angrily saying: 'No I f****** don't mate. If I were to go roving, I'd make him look like a f****** fairy. I'd go and get a couple of Mac-10s and do a Terminator.'
  2. [​IMG]

    he was tasered for failing to comply with being told to put his hands out to his side
    if you look at the video at the bottom of that article hes clearly not complying and is tasered
  3. Completely agree with the use of force, I'm more on about what a mong he was being.
    The pleb was holed up with an air pistol!

    As for the tazer? Personally I'd have preferred to put a baton round on the back of his bonce.
  4. "The Filth"? Caught speeding were ya?
  5. I used anabolic steroids for years and they never did me any harm. Nor my husband.

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  6. Did Gazza turn up with a McChicken sandwich and a fishing rod?
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  7. Pity they didn't slot him with a couple of dum dums.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Is it just me or does his torso look like E.T. ?

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  9. [​IMG]

    What is it with upper body gym queens, they never train their legs. they look like two pipe cleaners dropping from his shorts.

    Oh and he reckons he can get MAC 10's but uses an air pistol.:roll:
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  10. Looks like a typical Estate Mong trying to be hard....
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  11. Why MAC10's?

    is it coz he is a bit gangsta innit blud

    And terminator references. Must have been coked up or something
  12. Thick cnut couldn't even get his firearms reference right:


  13. I thought it was an UZI and not ingrams in terminator
  14. Surely the (largely irrelevant) result of interpreting what he said as if it was a legal document. Mac 10's are (I believe) a lot easier to get hold of illegally than Uzis, which is the probable cause of his reference to them. Self-loading (but non fully automatic) models get bought bought in the USA, illegally imported, then modified to full auto. Much like the STEN in design, they were designed to be "cheap and cheerful". which also makes 'em easier to tinker with. During WW2, European resistance movements were able to knock out hand-made copies of the Sten in pretty basic machine shops.