RAOConLine Freedom Front invade Deepcut


The RAOConLine Fellowship are having there AGM at the PRB Sergeants Mess on the 25th June so that we can see what the RLC have done to the place! It will be the first time some of our members have seen Deepcut in over 20 years.

The RAOConLine Forum is for ex-RAOC and interested parties including anyone still serving in the RLC. I have to say its more lively than this forum at times.

The RAOConLine Fellowship exists for ex-RAOC who want a little more out of life. This year for our inaugural AGM we are returning to Deepcut the home of the RAOC and now RLC, and will visit the Open Day and old haunts such as Keys Café.


Anyone who still has an interest in the RAOC come along to the RAOConLine Forum and pull up a sandbag (or a stack of blankets if thats your thing!) Me I prefer a pint!


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The RAOConLine Fellowship exists for ex-RAOC who want a little more out of life.![/quote]

But I thought that is why they left the RAOC!

:lol: :wink:
:wink: No thats why they leave the RLC!

:cry: The RAOC was forced into a un-holy alliance with the RCT, RPC & ACC Most of our members left when we were still a Corps. Others stayed on, and in fact still serve!

The RAOConLine Fellowship goes beyond being a Forum (As does ARRSE on occasion's) and is in fact awaiting branch status as the first 'on-line' Association branch with international members around the world.
Should one wear an RAOC Tie or would we risk hell and damnation from the Cave Dwelling Dung Eating Trog Trucky CRSM RLC?
:) The CRSM is in fact helping out with finding accomidation for us!

:wink: I will be wearing my RAOC Tie in the evening and a RAOConLine Polo Shirt during the day!

:arrow: If any ex RAOC want to attend in the evening please PM me.

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