RAOC Mobile Bakery Bread

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by LARD, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. With regard to the above. I believe it used to be the most dense material known to man. Now I have two questions:

    1. When was the last time it was available?
    2. Is it still the most dense material known to man?

    :lol: :?:
  2. After a few days it certainly was tough but I'm not sure it was the hardest.... dried on Weetabix has to get that honour.

    It was good to have bread that was made reasonably local and supplied in bulk to the troops even when they were on exercise. Now you may see bread in the field but it is never in the quantity that it was. My only complaint at the RAOC bread was that it told you on the packet what day of the week it was made.... in fact that's all it told you. No ingredients, no nothing. So you knew what day of the week it was made.... just not which week!
  3. There used to be a mobile bread oven exhibit in the ASMT museum at Beverly E Yorks

    Last used in the Falklands I believe

    Don't know where it is now as the museum closed down
  4. I remember it wrapped in waxy paper with the day of the week it was made printed on it. Only ever really saw it on ex or while on stag where it used to turn up with a sweating lump of prossesed ham & or cheese & a bag of apples. Was it a BAOR thing as I can,t recall seeing it in the UK or anywhere else?.

    Regards LT.
  5. Guys
    I was a CQMS in that unit which housed the RAOC bakery in Germany, and here are the hard facts, no preservative in it, so when Master Chefs froze the bread to save money, it fell apart when unfrozen, the bakery was baking very night 7 days a week, non stop. Chefs could have had bread every day and fresh, I wont go into who the only ones that had fresh british rolls made for them daily (a clue would be not the troops on the ground)

    Apart from the NAAFI in (then) BAOR it was the only 'british style' bread available, if nobody liked it, they could have got the 'black with bits in' flat bread from Aldi's... mmmmm lovely... NOT
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  6. The AMF(L) had the last mobile bakery as part of the Log Sup Bn. They were still making srangely sweet bread when I was there in 92. There party piece was to do an RLC Capbadge in bread that ran to about 2 foot tall.

    After a long FTX it was always nice to smell fresh bread wafting around camp, better then being on hard tack.
  7. Didn't this stuff also do the rounds in Cyprus for a long time? Made quite good knee and elbow pads I seem to remember....
  8. I remember the one in the Falklands in '83. we went down to look at it one day. Give the lads their due, they worked hard and the bread was, at that time, the only supplement to compo, from memory, other than rice. I remember at BIFFI, some idiot invented a powdered cream machine so we had bread and cream, compo and cream, rice and cream, till the bakery started turning out rock cakes etc. good lads they were, and of course the bakery was cunningly close the the local boozer on the jetty
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  9. 91 Squadron of 9 Supply Regiment have mobile bakeries, which are have been used on most major Loggie exercises up to date, considerable money was spent on new Bakery Units in 96/97. They have been known to branch out and make pizza too (yum yum).

    91 also has the LRT (Local Resources Team) who go in and buy all your local provisions and services on exercises or ops. The Mobile Bath & Laundry Units who run showers for exercising troops in tents and the Laundry Skids (should) be used for hospital bedding, but often do your dhobie on longer exercises., and finally Ration Troop who provision all your fresh and compo rations and keep you fed via your CQMS's. :roll:
  10. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I remember the bread being in the cookhouse in about '92 in waxed paper in printed wrappers with a RAOC badge on them. I'm sure it also had a brand name (Sunblest baked under licence?). Might be imagining that though. I also recall seeing an RLC version for about 3 months in '93 then it all seemed to go to standard UK civvy bread.

    This was in Germany at 5 Ord Bn, Nieheim.
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  11. The BAOR bakery was in the old Rochdale barracks in Bielefeld, For some reason they always used the Tuesday wrapper, and as I was based in Ripon Barracks I often had to do the ration run, including a bread pickup at the bakery. The bread would still be warm and soft when we put it in the back of the 4 tonner and rock hard when it got to our camp just 2 miles away. Bizzarre stuff.
  12. Is the Mount Pleasant bakery still making pizza once a week for the loggies?
  13. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer


    a strange clue to your identity i was there also.......
  14. Ahem.....so was I, and it wasnt baked under licence its was just good old RAOC bread, the clue to my trade is in my nickname.