RAOB aka the buffs.

Just been reading a thread on The Intelligence Cell about the Masons.
www.arrse.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/t=145051.html There as been quite a bit of heat generated with a few insults being thrown around.
Now when I were a lad a lot of blokes were members of the Buffs. I think members were mainly ORs and just about every place where you could get posted to had a lodge. I wasn't a member but plenty of my mates were ( actually, I was never invited :oops: ) Anyhow are the lodges still in exsistence and still in most garrison towns?
The Buffs (Royal Antidaluvian Order of Buffaloes) is still going (strongly i believe). There is at least one lodge that I know of locally to me that a couple of my friends are in (although not regular attendees). If you google them you will find their website (I can't post a link as i'm at work and the IT is naff). I have an interest in 'Fraternal Societies', although am only a member of the Masons and one or two 'other' less known 'organisations'.

I wonder how it would have been had the 'Freegardeners' taken off? Would people mutter....watch those 'gardeners'? with suspicion in their voice. (incidentally there was an organisation in existance called the Freegardeners a couple of centuries ago).

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