RAO complaints?

I'm due to move in early January and have been waiting for my RAO to submit PACCC casework to see if I can move at public expense as its a mid-assignment move. I delayed moving because I am currently serving un-accompanied on a long course and my wife was due to give birth around our original move date.
I got in contact with my clerk at the RAO three months ago to start the ball rolling with regards to the casework as I knew it needed to be submitted. After about a month she got back to me and said I needed to write to the Regimental Admin Officer to explain the case and see if the regiment would support me. I wrote it and sent it straight away and waited, waited some more and then phoned to make sure the letter had been recieved. It had but I was told to wait out for a decision, I finally got a secondhand message from the Regimental Admin Officer saying I would not have an answer from the PACCC board until the New Year. I am moving in the New Year so phoned to see what was going on only to find it had not been processed or even looked at yet!!! The RAO then said that they had been very busy and hadn't had chance to get to my case as it wasn't a priority so know I am faced with having to move my family at my own cost over a weekend as I am away all week because my RAO was too busy!
My question is does anyone know how I would complain about this and who I would complain to or is there anything I can do to get this resolved quicker. (sorry about the long story!)
Go through your chain of command, document all the actions/conversations to date and ask that it be staffed via your OC.

It's your right to submit casework for a move that you believe should be funded by the public purse (you will need to believe this strongly before you take any of this any further), your Unit can only say whether or not they support your case when submitted - not refrain from submission.

If you want to make a point, delay the move again - stating to DHE and your Welfare Officer that you're delaying due to the casework submission problems.

Ultimately, if PACC don't support your case, will you still move? I suspect you're moving due to an increased entitlement following the child's birth, so probably will.
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