RAO...All their own money

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by wibblefishbanana, Jun 1, 2003.

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  1. Does anyone else suffer from an RAO who makes their own regulations up to prevent, or delay payment of claims?.... :mad:
  2. Hmm, are we talking about Capt Ebenezer, by any chance?
  3. No, the facist in question is a Major...requires every RESPOD claim to be submitted within seconds of the month being claimed for, and signed by at least two deceased grandparents.  If you dont meet this criteria the claim is refused and you must detail, in writing, as to why you did not submit the claim immediately. (and here was me thinking that the book says you have 6 months). Surely this behavior must be picked up during annual inspections?  :-X
  4. Ah, we are talking about the same person - my apologies, I mistook his childish behaviour as that expected by a Captain, most Majors have grown up & behave themselves.
    When the Annual Inspection is taking place you can request to see the inspecting team - something to bear in mind! :)  
    Or you could just write to or contact the local SPS Branch in JHQ & ask them to clarify the rules for you as you are interpreting them differently to the RAO ::)
  5. I was thinking more along the lines of walking into his office and trying out a new sexual experiment.....it's the same as *******...but with my boot. 8)

    Seriously though, would having a word with SPS actually have any effect? Would he be forced to change his ways ;D and be publicly humiliated ;D or would the individual that initially voiced their concern be interviewed without coffee :-[ (within the guidelines of the CO's bullying policy of course ;D ;D ;D ;D)
  6. Other methods include a potato up the exhaust pipe, a dead fish strapped to the exhaust pipe or engine block, the list is endless.

    But rather than pointing out his weaknesses, I think this is a wonderful opportunity for "the lads" to list instances where the RAO has not played by the rules - maybe someone who cares will stop by this board & think that perhaps there might be truth in the rumours about his behaviour.  Till then, a potato up the.... ;D
  7. Put in the claim, and if it not paid; go for a redress.

    People like this forget that you are the customer and that they provide a service to you.
  8. You could always go for the EO and Harrassment side this guy must be a real Tos)))), I would suggest a quick word with the SO2 SPS UKSC (G) is told of this person.

    Remember the AGC (SPS) have a newsletter and the AG himself stated that if a budget managers name came across his desk with just this he would not be too happy and seek his removal. ;D
  9. I've been told by an RAO friend of mine to pass on the message that you should write to the AFPAA in Glasgow/Worth Down, if you're Army, Gosport if you're Navy and the RAF place if you're RAF (sorry, I was a bit squiffy when I took the message.....) and complain.
  10. I certainly will consider all of the above...but you wouldnt believe it, he managed to bull the CO last week when he was told that RESPOD claims have to be completed imediately after the claiming period...not within 6 months as the good book says... time to make the CO open his eyes me thinks
  11. Use your own chain of command to tell the CO the facts.

    Submit a claim and if not paid, verbally tell them they are wrong. If still not paid, put your complaint in writing up your own chain of command and then stand back !

    Your claim will then be paid !

    Repeat as often as necessary !
  12. Read my previous post, as the chain of command was used. Obviously easier for the CO to believe his fellow officers than experienced OR´s  :mad:
  13. No and it would be a silly CO if he believed everything his offrs said.

    If you have tried and are not getting anywhere, then as I said above - put him to the test. When he rejects a claim, politley say are you sure ? If answer yes, then you could either go straight to Bde SPS or inform your chain of command. (I am not sure whether the RAO concerned is your superior offr or not ?)

    In any event, if claims are being refused then you owe it to your soldiers and unit to take this further. You may find that the RAO's bark is worse than his bite and he will not refuse a claim as threatened !  :)